Travels, Blue Bunny Retreat, 2010

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Drive to El Tesoro. =0= Drive to El Tesoro. =0=
Then I was off to Camp El Tesoro for the Blue Bunny Retreat. I had been there in 2007 and 2009. There are pictures in those pages of the facilities and many of the people, so this set mostly covers the people and the activites. Alvarado is pretty close to Acton, TX and so the final drive to the camp was very nice on little farm roads as shown above and here. There had been lots of rain the week before and the stream which crossed the road inside the camp (below) was far higher than the two previous retreats, I think the water was high enough to wash off the salt from New York roads on the bottom of my car. Also, for the last couple of years the gravel roads to Horizon had not been graded for a couple of years and there were terrible gullies in the road. I was surprised to see that my GPS showed all the roads in the camp up to Horizon. Cool! Drive to El Tesoro. =0=
Road across stream. =0= Road to Horizon. =0=
Road to Horizon. =0= Road to Horizon. =0=
Above are pictures of the road where I had brought in rocks in 2009; they are much improved. Each morning the practices would start with meditation and private practice in the shrine room (Discovery) at 5:45AM (I skipped that) and then Hatha Yoga from 6:45AM to 7:55AM. On the weekend it was led by Tifany (shown here and below). I got short videos of Tifany leading hero pose, uttanasana, and pigeon variation. Tifany. =0=
Here is a picture of Tiffany leading the Hatha Yoga group. During the weekend, Guy led a Hatha Yoga session (below) and I made a short video with my new Droid (as I didn't have my camera that morning). I haven't found the tools to rotate the video (my camera came with Kodak software (Easyshare) that allows you to rotate videos from the camera, but not from my phone) so you may to turn your head for that video. . =0=
Tifany. =0= Guy. =0=
Kay. =0= Kay. =0=
Kay organized the morning Hatha Yoga sessions and led one class. For two classes she led stretches and then Michael demonstrated a Korean form of exercise. The pictures of Kay above are not very good, but there had been better pictures of her previously. There is also a short video of her leading a side stretch and another stretch. There is also a video of Michael energizing the hands and another along the tummy. His hands do move fast. Michael. =0=
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