Blue Bunny Retreat, 2009

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Blue Bonnets. =0= Kay. =0=
We drove to the Blue Bunny Retreat close to Acton, TX. Above are the blue bonnets just outside Horizon where meals served. The retreat was originally named for the blue bonnets. Before breakfast each morning, Kay (above) led organized hatha yoga sessions. Tifany could only make it on the weekend and she led Saturday and Sunday morning and Kay led most of the others (here). Meals were normally prepared by Vicki (on the right in the left picture below), but Dawa (also below) took charge for an Indian dinner on her birthday. There are more pictures of Horizon and meals from the 2007 Blue Bunny Retreat. Hatha Yoga Class. =0=
Vicki, the normal cook. =0= Dawa. =0=
Vegetable Chopping Discussion Group. =0= Chopping Discussion Group. =0=
Kay also organized a discussion group each afternoon with a different theme. We helped chopped vegetables while we discussed topics about the teachings for this large and fine dinner (above). Here are Scott and Patti, Kay's sister. Kay also organized a massage discussion group where Connie taught us how to give simple massages to each other. It was fun but we didn't have much spiritual discussion. It was in the women's dorm (shown below), though it was in the unoccupied section on the left. Connie also led Tango discussion group which was fun, but there wasn't much chance for discussion. Scott and Patti. =0=
Women's Dorm. =0= Women's Dorm. =0=
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