Life in Portland, 2009

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DFW AA terminal. =0= Joan's Backyard. =0=
At the end of March 2009 I was off to Dallas to visit with my brother, Mike, and my mom, Bertha. Mike picked me up at DFW at one of American Airline terminals shown above. First up was to help Mike move from the house where he had been staying. It was a very nice house where he had rented the upstairs. Above is the backyard. We took most of Mike's stuff to a storage facility. We rented a 14 foot truck from the storage facility (and Budget), but it was really hard to get it into the driveway from the alley (no room to make the turn). The alley is shown below. Joan's driveway. =0=
Joan's alley. =0= Joan's alley. =0=
Joan's living room. =0= Joan's living room. =0=
Above are pictures of the living room after we moved Mike's stuff out. Here is the bathroom and below are pictures from the bed room. It was a really nice house and Mike would have been happy to stay there longer (he was only there for four months), but Joan wasn't happy having him there (she wanted to sell her house and it is hard to sell a house with renters). Joan's bathroom. =0=
Joan's bedroom. =0= Joan's bedroom. =0=
This is the front view of Joan's house. I hardly saw it very much as we moved us through the garage and driveway out back. Mike wasn't able to find a place where he would be happy to live and that was close to the KTC, so instead he moved into the second story of the house shown above which his friend, Fred, was renting. It is just across from White Rock Lake and has a gorgeous view of downtown Dallas (also shown above). After the move of the rest of Mike's stuff to Fred's, we headed to the Blue Bunny Retreat. Joan's House. =0=
Fred's house. =0= White Rock Lake. =0=
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