Blue Bunny Retreat, 2009

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Lamala. =0= Meditation Walk. =0=
After breakfast, Lamala (above) would organize a meditation walk after a warm up with some exercises. The walks would be single file with spacing between people though on the way back people would tend to bunch up and talk. The first day (Saturday) it was too windy (and cold) for a walk, but on Sunday we walked to the river and stopped. There we chanted for a bit and then meditated. Below is Tiffany and Larry on rocks by the falls. In the picture next to that, the walk leader, David, is the person on the left (in the front). Here is a nice picture of the falls and there is also a short video (4 megabytes, so be prepared to wait a bit to get it if you are on dial up) with the sound as well. It was a very nice place to meditate. There are more pictures of the river below. River fall. =0=
Tiffany and Larry. =0= David. =0=
River meditation walk. =0= River mediation walk. =0=
On Monday we walked to the top of the mountain and Tuesday we visited the chapel. On Wednesday we split into two groups (fast and slow walkers) and the fast walkers went to the river first (above), then across the walking bridge across the river (there are more pictures of this bridge and other meditation walks from the 2007 Blue Bunny Retreat. Then we took some group pictures at the entrance to the camp below. Walking bridge across river. =0=
Camp El Tesoro Entrance. =0= Camp El Tesoro Entrance. =0=
Camp El Tesoro Entrance. =0= Camp El Tesoro Entrance. =0=
Above are more pictures of the group at the camp entrance, but these have me in them. Cool! Then we went by the chapel on the way to the mountain (fitting all the cool spots into one walk) shown below. Sadly, Lamala was feeling playful and pulled a muscle running up the mountain. :-( The group went on (at his request) as he headed back with Benjamin and we did our chant (healing chant for Lamala) and meditation. Camp El Tesoro Chapel. =0=
Camp El Tesoro Mountain. =0= Camp El Tesoro Mountain. =0=
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