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In the middle of March of 2007 I took a trip to Dallas to visit my brother and mom and to attend a KTC Tibetan Buddhist retreat, the 8th Annual Bluebunnie Retreat (at one time it may have been called the Bluebonnet Retreat to celebrate the wild flowers that were blooming in the area at the time, but who can trace back ancient history like that). I flew to Dallas on Thursday and then on Friday we all drove up to arrive about 2:00PM and help set up. Michael and I were sent out to the gate to the camp (during the summer it is mostly a Bluebird camp), Camp El Tesoro. It is a couple of hours from Dallas and close to Acton, Texas. Camp El Tesoro Gate. =0=
We put up the mostly green prayer flag shown above and here. This prayer flag made the camp easier to notice as new attendees were driving along (or so we hoped) as well as providing a better atmosphere for the area. Just inside the gate was the main car park where attendees were asked to leave their cars. Of course as it was about a mile or so to the cabins and other facilities we were using, most people drove to the cabin area and unloaded their cars. Then they drove their cars back to the lot and either walked back or, hopefully, got a ride with someone headed that way. These two lovely women were hoping to get a ride back with us. Camp El Tesoro Gate. =0=
This is the car park just inside the gate where I later left Mike's car. If you look closely you can see that the bluebonnets were indeed blooming in the field along the right. The road to the camps loops and crosses a stream, but you can save a fair distance walking by using this suspension bridge shown below on the left (and there is my brother, Mike). The lovely women above by the gate walked across the suspension bridge and then met us as we drove back to the camp. Camp El Tesoro Car Park. =0=
Camp El Tesoro Suspension Bridge. =0= Camp El Tesoro. =0=
This is Discovery, the building where we met for teachings, meditation, and (in the early morning) Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Body Movement (my brother calls it Tibetan Yoga, but yoga really refers to spirituallity (it means unity in sanskrit) and meditation. This picture was taken as they were putting up the prayer flags around this building. Discovery. =0=
Here is the inside of Discovery as it was set up for teaching. They moved a lot of mats and such from the KTC Center in Dallas (which I visited in 2001)Discovery. =0=
Here is a picture of Lama La (Lama Dudjom Dorjee) teaching. There are pictures of Lama La previously when I visited Dallas in 2001 and Seattle in 2008. There was a pretty trail between Discovery and Horizon where Lama La and many of us stayed. Below are pictures from that trail. On the left is Lama La and another person (unknown) and on the right is Bruce and my brother, Mike, in case you can't figure that out from behind. . =0=
Lama La and ..., Camp El Tesoro Trail. =0= Scott and Mike, Camp El Tesoro Bridge. =0=
This is Horizon where Lama La and several others (my brother and I included) stayed. There were 52 people at the retreat on the weekend and Lama La and his family stayed upstairs shown below on the left. We also ate at Horizon and the far section of the first floow was set up for meals (below on the right). Horizon. =0=
Horizon upstairs. =0= Horizon back section. =0=
This is the near end of the first floor of Horizon. Not all the beds were occupied. There were other cabins which we could use which weren't so crowded. However, Lama La gave interviews in the upstairs section and my brother scheduled the interviews, so he needed to stay in Horizon and I wanted to visit with my brother (well Duh!). Horizon near section. =0=
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