Travels, Life in Albany, 2010

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US Rt 441, Tennessee. =0= Herb and Ruby's House, Signal Mtn, Tennessee. =0=
Rt 441 varied from divided highway to single lane highway, with sections where the divided highway was under construction just to the side of the old single lane highway. I got to Herb and Ruby's house almost two hours later than my early estimates (before the detour). It was nice to see the progress that Herb has made on his deck as well as replacing the old particle board siding with the newer (and more durable) concrete siding. Cool! The weather was gorgeous the last day I was in Tennessee and so Herb and I spent part of a day cleaning out the vines and bramble in his yard (below). Then I was off to Denton, TX. I used Google to get the route and then programmed the GPS to head to Nashville (I24W). It was a pretty drive (below). Herb and Ruby's House, Signal Mtn, Tennessee. =0=
Herb and Ruby's yard, Signal Mtn, Tennessee. =0= I24W to Nashville, TN. =0=
Memphis. =0= . =0=
From Nashville I took I40W to Memphis (above). On I40W after you pass through Memphis, you cross the Mississippi (above) to go into Arkansas. Arkansas was mostly pine on I40W as shown here. I arrived at my mom's. We had a Thai lunch (below). Then Friday morning I was off to Alvarado, TX to visit with Ginny as it was right on the way to the retreat in Acton, TX. I40W, Arkansas. =0=
Thai OPcha, Denton, TX. =0= Captain D's, Burleson, TX. =0=
Ginny and I had lunch at Captain D's (above). We were also able to go by the Alvarado Thrift Store and got my mom a used microwave to replace her old one which had stopped working after 20 years. When looking for work I had seen a position for a programmer in Alvarado, TX which I had to apply to (I dind't hear anything back). It was a Sabre Tubing which is a large new facility in Alvarado shown here and below. Sabre Tubing, Alvarado, TX. =0=
Sabre Tubing, Alvarado, TX. =0= Alvarado Drug, TX. =0=
Above and here are pictures of the pharmacy where Ginny works. It is very close to where she lives, which is nice. It is pretty small and the only pharmacy in Alvarado. While I was headed to the retreat, my brother had lunch with my mom at Good Sam's where they took the pictures below. Alvarado Drug, TX. =0=
Mike and Bertha. =0= Bertha. =0=
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