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Al-Hidaya Center, Latham, MA. =0= New Mazda 3 Hatchback. =0=
In early 2015, we (the 6th graders of Unitarian Church) visited the new Mosque in Latham, NY (shown here). It is a Suni Mosque with a very nice Imam. It had just opened a few months ago. On March 5, 2015 I got a new Mazda 3 (above). My old faithful 1991 Toyota Camry wagon had over 360K miles and it had gotten a serious oil leak (less than a year after getting a new O ring which seems to have given out, maybe there were engine bearing problems) and poor milage (perhaps oxygen sensor failed again as ten years before). I just gave up on repairing it and part were sometimes very hard to find for a 24 year old car. It was also time and energy consuming to choose a new car, there are so many fine options. Metro Metal Recycling, Albany, NY. =0=
Once it was time to actually pick up my car, I decided not to try to sell my old Toyota (likely on Craig's List) but instead took it to Metr Metal Recycling. I contacted them first as I bike by them in Watervliet on my way to work and had recycled my old radiator with them a few months before. However, they had another location just a few blcoks from Orange Motors in Albany where I got my new Mazda. I could save some time and money by transferring the plates. Here is a short video of them inspecting the catalytic converter. It turned out to be missing which left me wondering as it should have been the original equipment worth over $100, but seems to have been stolen. For the last few years in NY my Toyota was excepted from emissions as it was over 20 years old. Metro Metal Recycling, Albany, NY. =0=
Buck Mountain, NY. =0= Buck Mountain, NY. =0=
Later in the spring I led a hike to Buck Mountain. The views (above) were quite impressive. I also led a group of the Unitarian 6th graders to the Grafton Peace Pagoda. to the Grafton Peace Pagoda, NY. =0=
Grafton Peace Pagoda, NY =0= Grafton Peace Pagoda, NY =0=
Overlook Mountain, NY. =0= Overlook Mountain, NY. =0=
I then led a hike up Overlook Mountain just outside of Woodstock, NY. I loved visiting the hotel which was abandoned before its fourth incarnation when WWII stopped its rebuilding leaving these cool shells. The first incarnation was built in 1833. Overlook Mountain, NY. =0=
Brian. =0= Overlook Mountain, NY. =0=
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