Travels, Life In Albany, 2014

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A relative of Lamala and Dawa. =0= KTD Tibetan Monastery in Woodstock, NY. =0=
In September I went to a weekend retreat at the KTD as I had in years past. Above are pictures of Dawa and a relative of Lamala (perhaps his sister). There were several lamas staying at the KTD who were refurbishing the exterior paint of the main shrine building. I also took a selfie in the KTD shrine (shown here) which I used as my icon on facebook and such for a bit. I also added it to my new selfie page. In August there were some pretty high winds which broke a really large limb on the giant maples in the neighbors yard, perhaps three feet diameter truck and 80 feet tall. The limb felll right along the fence between the yards, but really didn't damage anything. However, it convinced the neighbor to take out the tree and our homeowner to take out the two giant maples in our yard. It makes the yard much emptier, of course. Early in the year I moved out of the old converted cubicle into a standard cubicle which I converted to take advantage of the window. However, after about six months I was moved to another office with no windows and four 'desk' areas (shown with my selfie here). That only lasted a few months and then I was able to move back to a regular cubilce in the center of the main area (below). It is really strange, but my new cube is two cubes from the cube where David is now and is the first cube I worked in. It is also two cubicles away from the cubicle where both David and I each spent a lot of time (him first, me later). Brian at KTD. =0=
Neighbors tree down. =0= Brian's new cubicle. =0=
Visit to Albany Cathedral. =0= Visit to Albany Cathedral. =0=
At the Unitarian Church we are repeating the 'Neighboring Faiths' curriculum, this time with a good group of 6th graders. We again visited the Albany Catholic Cathedral. This group was quite prompt and we arrived early, had time to walk around the cathedral and I got some pictures of the exterior. Visit to Albany Cathedral. =0=
Visit to Albany Cathedral. =0= Visit to Albany Cathedral. =0=
In late November, Ralph and I (below) helped with a chanting and meditation group at F.C.I. Ray Brook. It is just outside of Lake Placid, NY and was where the olypmic athletes stayed in the 1986 Olympics. Then they had the fences and barbed wire but to keep the unwanted (e.g. terrorists) out. It was built with the intent to be dual use, adapted to be a prison after the Olypics. F.C.I. Ray Brook, NY. =0=
Brian and Ralph. =0= Barbara's House in Troy, NY. =0=
Here and above are pictures of the apartment that Barbara is renting in North Troy. It is newly built and quite nice. Barbara is happily settling into her new home. Barbara's House in Troy, NY. =0=
Julia and Brian. =0= Brian. =0=
Commercehub had a very nice Holiday Party at the Albany Hilton. I went with Julia, my sometimes swing dance partner. I also dressed up pretty fancy for me, not my normal dress. Julia and Brian. =0=
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