Blue Bunny Retreat, 2009

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Blue Bunny 2009 Retreat Group Photo. =0= Discovery. =0=
Above is the group picture we took on Sunday after lunch just outside of Horizon. Next to that is the interior of Discovery where Lamala gave his teachings. There are other pictures of Discovery from the 2007 Blue Bunny Retreat. Here and below are Lamala as he was teaching. Lama Dudjam Dorjee. =0=
Lama Dudjam Dorjee. =0= Lama Dudjam Dorjee. =0=
After Lamala pulled a muscle, he was advised to keep his leg up (to minimize swelling) and so gave the teachings from a sofa that had been set off to the side at Discovery. Here you can see concerned students hovering around trying to help him get settled in. Below are pictures of Lamala giving his reclining teachings. Concerned Students. =0=
Lama Dudjam Dorjee. =0= Lama Dudjam Dorjee. =0=
Vicki. =0= Maureen. =0=
For the evening teachings, Lamala asked us to share stories of the lineage for the KTC. In particular, stories about Tilopa, Naropa (means sick, almost dead), Marpa, Milarepa, and Gampopa. We would tell what we remembered and Lamala would fill in details that he remembered (as would other students). I used that as an opportunity to take pictures of some of the participants. Above is Vicki, the cook (she cooks for teachings). Next to that is Maureen who sat next to me during the teachings (and we often walked back together after the evening teachings). Here is Connie who led the massage and tango portions of the afternoon theme discussions. Connie. =0=
Here is Chuck (the truck driver). He had brought the translation of the songs of Milarepa and the others and so was able to tell several nice stories. Chuck the truck driver. =0=
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