Brian Carr's 1978 Korean Tour

I tried google maps and created a link pointing out the locations mentioned here. If you just click on the link you will only see the pins, then you have to click on satellite in the upper right corner. Then you can zoom in and out and really explore. It is fun, try it at google.maps. It seems they don't seem to have a street map of Daegu, Korea. Go figure. They need to get right on that....

This series is now complete and I am working on other old pictures.

I graduated from West Point in 1975 and my first assignment was to go to M.I.T. for two years. I got my Master's in Computer Science in 1977 and then had to take a regular military assignment. I chose an assignment in Korea as the country was interesting and it was a short tour, only one year.... We went by way of Hawaii and returned the other way making it an extensive 'round the world tour' starting and ending in Washington, D.C..

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