Travels, Life In Albany, 2011

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SUNY Albany Transportation. =0= SUNY Albany Transportation. =0=
In late January, SUNY Albany had a opening for a bus driver. I had applied back in August, but with the hiring freeze in the state. There were four candidates and three of us took the written test and driving test. One did not pass the written test, but I did not do well on the driving test (it had been years since I drove a bus, while the other applicant was an experienced school bus driver). No offer was forthcoming. Preparing for the test and considering the implications of returning to work caused me to reconsider whether I really wanted to return to work or just consider myself retired. As a new driver, I would have an evening shift from about 1PM to 9:30PM or so, Monday to Friday. While doable, it would interfere with many of my new found evening activities. So when I wasn't offered the position it was a bit of a relief, I came to accept my retired status. SUNY Albany Transportation. =0=
SUNY Albany Transportation. =0= SUNY Albany Transportation. =0=
FUUSA Albany, NY. =0= Watervliet, NY. =0=
We got a lot of snow this winter which was one of the challenges of the bus driving test. The cars were all parked crazy with the snow piled up so that there was no legal way to stay in the right lane. Above is my car and the barrier piles beside the driveway. Also there are icicles on the side of the Unitarian church. I have continued to go the DUP circle in New Paltz, NY led by Karuna. They have moved to a new location in the school where she teaches (they had been at the Living Seed. There are wonderful musicians in New Paltz and I got pictures of Dahlia (here), Amy and Maitreya (below). I also made a short video of the dance. This particular dance was at the Unison School which is where Amy leads her Sunday morning kirtan chants which are phenomenal. Dahlia. =0=
Amy. =0= Maitreya. =0=
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