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Norton Hall, Arnot Forest Camp, NY. =0= Main Building, Arnot Forest Camp, NY. =0=
At the camp in Arnot Forest, there were over a dozen cabins, each with four bunk beds (sleeping eight) along the two side of an open field. I stayed in 'Norton Hall' which is the right cabin in the picture above. Meals and dances were in the main building which was at the high and narrow end of the open field (also above). My roommates were Dan, Naomi and Hannah for the first night and Farid (also from Albany) joined us for Friday and Saturday night. Here are Hannah and Naomi in the entry way / small meeting area in the main building. Hannah and Naomi.
The people pictures above, here and below were taken by Farid and shared with us all. Here is part of the contingent from Copake where, Rebecca with her daughter and David. Copake is a very tiny town where my former wife settled. When you add in Zakira who used to live in Copake, there were more visitors from Copake than Albany. Go figure! Along with being a rural farm town, Copake has Camphill Village which is a long time community for adults with disabilities (which is why so many sufis live there). Rebecca with her daughter and David.
After meals I spent a lot of time in the kitchen area doing dishes. It was great fun. Here is a picture which Farid took when I was putting away pots and pans. Below is a view of the kitchen area from the view of the main hall along with the main hall when it was set up for meals (we also danced there). Brian.
Kitchen, Arnot Forest Camp, NY. Main Hall, Arnot Forest Camp, NY.
This is the puja which was set up at the far end of the main hall. This is also the last of the pictures that Farid shared with us. Puja, Main Hall, Arnot Forest Camp, NY.
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