Travels, Return to New York, 2009

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Pelton Pond, Fahnestock Park. =0= Pelton Pond, Fahnestock Park. =0=
Just fifteen minutes north of where I lived on the Taconic is Fahnestock Park with is a really wonderful park. Above are pictures from Pelton Pond, a beautiful picnic area with a wonderful trail around the pond. Just a few minutes away is Canopus Lake where they have a lovely beach for swimming along with camping areas nearby (shown here and below). I had to stop and get pictures of Fahnestock Park as the kids and I would often camp here (and sometimes swam at the beach). I also did numerous hikes here. Just below Canopus Lake (below the earthen dam which made the lake) across Route 301 is a continuation of the Appalachian Trail (also below) which I dearly love. It is, perhaps, my most favorite hiking trail ever. Canopus Lake, Fahnestock Park. =0=
Canopus Lake, Fahnestock Park. =0= Appalachian Trail, Fahnestock Park. =0=
This is the trail further along. Right now and right here the the trail is pretty overgrown, but it clears out further along. However, I was in driving clothes and so didn't really get to the parts of the trail I like. There are sections of the trail which are along old mining trails where they would run tracks for mining cars carrying iron ore. It is so cool! As you go further North on the Taconic, the hills get less steep and rocky and you get into farmland as shown below. As you head East toward Barbara's house on local roads it is very pretty farm country. Barbara is my former wife; we are good friends now which is a blessing as we have two wonderful sons to share. Appalachian Trail, Fahnestock Park. =0=
Columbia County Taconic Parkway. =0= Columbia County local roads. =0=
Columbia County local roads. =0= Columbia County local roads. =0=
I arrived at Barbara's house about 3PM on September 3, 2009 and she got home from work a little early (about 4PM) as she was setting up the library at her new school before the start of the school year (so it was unpaid). We went to Sharon, CN and had dinner at 'When Pigs Fly' a BBQ restaurant with an outdoor smoker (shown here). 'When Pigs Fly' Smoker. =0=
Esther's yoga meditation friend, Emanuel, had taken a really cool of the rainbow that he had taken which included himself. Below was my first effort to get Barbara and I at the table outside the restaurant. I was trying to get both of us and the food, but failed. Emanuel. =0=
Barbara and Brian. =0= Barbara and Brian. =0=
I had not calibrated my bathroom scale for almost a year and in Florida I discovered that my scale was reading almost five pounds too high. When I was at Ronnie's I weighed in at 159.2. Yikes, my lower weight limit is 160 so we will assume her scale was off by .8 pounds. Anyway, I am now trying to gain weight and so ordered an entire rack of ribs, shown below. Barbara. =0=
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