Travels, Life In Albany, 2010

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At the Unitarian / Universalist church in Albany I met a new person, Carol (shown here with her cat) at the meditation group in early June. She was in the Albany area from San Francisco looking for work. However, nothing turned up and she was not comfortable with her housing situation. She and her cat stayed with me a couple of days before heading to Atlanta to see what work turned up there. We went to the second annual combined service for the four Unitarian congregations in the Captial Area at the Hilton in Saratoga. Below is Fred Morales the president of the National Carol. =0=
Fred Morales. =0= Drive to Suffern, NY. =0=
Early one morning I drove Carol down to Suffern where she met the family she had 'ride shared' with out from California. They were headed back after cleaning up their condo in Long Island. Carol and her cat. =0=
There was a Great Silver Viking refrigerator which I nicknamed Moby that we went out to get about four times, but it was too large and heavy to get out of the house (almost six hundred pounds). The first time the people who were delivering the new refrigerator had to cancel as the new refrigerator was damaged in transit. We looked at getting it out on our own, but Dave had recently been hurt when moving a refrigerator and was cautious about getting it out of the house as it was very tall, quite top heavy, and the house had numerous doors with low clearance, narrow turns, etc.. It was a wise decision, too, as there was a significant possibility with three of us that we might damage the refrigerator, the house, or ourselves. When two guys delivered the new refrigerator, they delayed getting Moby out until they had more people. Here is Moby after they got her onto the drive. We got her up the ramp and strapped her in (below). Moby with Dave. =0=
Moby on HfH Bounty. =0= Moby with Dave. =0=
After a couple of visits to get Moby, there were those who concluded that I was getting obessed with getting Moby. I was given the nickname Captain Mayhem and named our truck the HfH Bounty. Here is a picture of me with the catch, Moby. Moby in Restore. =0=
I88 in New York. =0= Rt 17 in New York. =0=
Toward the end of June there was a wonderful sufi dance weekend sponsored by the Itahca Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) circle at the Arnot Forest camp of Cornell University. It has been there for the last 18 years. It was a lovely drive on I88 to Rt 17 and I86. Rt 17 in New York. =0=
Road to Arnot Forest. =0= Entrance to Arnot Forest. =0=
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