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I88, NY. =0= I88, NY. =0=
Toward the end of March I was off to Dallas, TX for the 2010 Blue Bunny Retreat. First off was a visit to Amy and Jack in Chapel Hill, NC. I took the I90, I88, I81 route, but went back to I95 at Baltimore via I83. It skipped all the tolls and such on the NJ Turnpike. Aren't these views much nicer. When I took this route in December 2009 it was night and snowing so I really couldn't appreciate the scenery. I88, NY. =0=
I88, NY. =0= I88, NY. =0=
Taking I83 back to I95 was a big mistake. It reportedly would save me 30 minutes of travel time, but had me going South from DC on a Friday afternoon. The traffic was terrible and added one and a half hours to the trip. Doh! Oh well, I missed Richmond's rush hour and then had smooth sailing on I85 to Durham, NC. i85, NC. =0=
Ronnie and Elif. =0= Ronnie and Elif. =0=
When visiting in Chapel Hill, NC, I was able to go on a hike in Eno River State Park with Ronnie and Elif (above). At the start of the trail we took was a suspension bridge across the Eno River, shown here. Below are views of the river from the bridge. Eno River State Park. =0=
Eno River, NC. =0= Eno River, NC. =0=
I also made a short video of the river at the rapids so that you could hear the water gurgles. It was a beautiful day with highs in the 70s. A wonderful end to winter. Below is a zoomed picture of two turtles on a log on the far side of the river. Also below is a zoomed picture of geese. Eno River, NC. =0=
Turtles. =0= Geese. =0=
Ronnie and Brian. =0= Ronnie and Brian. =0=
Above are pictures of Ronnie and I which Elif took. Here is another picture of Ronnie and Elif. Ronnie and Elif. =0=
Sunday was more frustrating. I went to the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center at 4PM at the Bahai Center (here), but they were just finishing their satsang (program) as they had had to move to an earlier time slot as the Bahai group had something planned for later. Doh! Then I went to the Durham Friends Meeting House for the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) or sufi dance circle at 7:30PM with a potluck at 6PM, but it seems I only checked the front building (below), not the back buildings which were signed as a Quaker Daycare facility (also below). However, it seems they met in the back buildings. Doh!. Durham Bahai Center. =0=
Durham Friends Meeting House. =0= Durham Friends Meeting House. =0=
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