Travels, Settle in Albany, 2009

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Habitat for Humanity, Albany, NY. =0= Restore, Albany, NY. =0=
I moved on Friday and on Saturday visited the Habitat for Humanity office (shown above) which is in front of the their Restore (a thrift store for building supplies and furniture), which you get to by going along the driveway shown above. The loading dock for the Restore and the Habitat for Humanity warehouse area (still further back in the building) is further along the driveway. Here and below are pictures of the inside of the Restore. The desk where people pay is on the right below. I met Emily who was monitoring the store and who sets up the truck runs. I also met Micheline who helps organize the volunteers for the builds. That evening Emily called and asked if I could be the helper for the truck run on Tuesday as she had meetings she needed to go to. Restore, Albany, NY. =0=
Restore, Albany, NY. =0= Restore, Albany, NY. =0=
Lagrange Road. =0= Lagrange Road Mansion. =0=
The Albany Restore has a GPS which Dave uses to find our way to the donation pickups, but it got confused with LaGrange Road and took us to a gravel road off into the trees (above). While Dave called the donor (and we discovered there was another section of Lagrange Road that really had houses) I walked up the gravel road and into the trees to discover this mansion which seemed a little surreal as it had a lovely garden and nice drive, but could only be reached via the gravel road. Very strange. After the Tuesday truck run, I got the picture below of Dave (the part time, 20 hour, staff truck driver) and Emily. I encouraged Dave to take the upholstery furniture as I gave my personal guarantee that it would sell. You will see it later. Their truck is an Isuzu and smaller than the Portland Restore truck (not a standard 26,000 GVW truck, a bit smaller and automatic transmission). Also below is a picture of Margaret, the other paid staff member at the Albany Restore. Both she and Dave are part time at 20 hours a week. Margaret is mostly responsible for running the store itself on Thursday through Saturday and runs the register, sets prices, etc.. Albany Restore Truck. =0=
Dave and Emily. =0= Margaret. =0=
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