Travels, Settle in Albany, 2009

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Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0= Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
I had hoped that I might be able to rent a room in the house where Jay is staying as he had been alone in the first floor of his house with two unoccupied rooms for most of the last year, but the two rooms were filled just the week before I got to Albany area. Doh! Of course that made perfect sense as the school year had just started and a lot of students lived in the area. On Tuesday after Labor Day I finally buckled down and attempted to contact over a dozen entries in the same area in Craig's list. One asked for references and two others replied. It turned out one was a Nigerian scam (they would send me the keys via courier after I had sent them the money via moeny order). I was suspicious when I noticed the rate was well below market and the guy suggested I check out the neighborhood rather meeting him directly. Once I saw the request for money order (and verified that the house at the address listed was fully occupied and not available as described) I reported him... However, I then visited the remaining house on Wednesday and it was great, shown above and here. Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
It is on Edison Avenue which is only two blocks long and the house is located on the inside of the L formed when Edison and Parkwood each end. Both streets are very narrow and have parking on one side of the street only except for Wednesday at 6PM to Thursday when it is permitted on the other side of the street. During the night on Wednesday they clean the street (as well as towing abandoned vehicles I presume). I met with John and Farrel, a couple who had dated and lived together, but stopped dating (though not dating anyone else) and now Farrel was moving back in with her parents as she had been recently laid off as an environmental scientist. I really liked them both and it was a very nice house and neighborhood, so I left them with a check and planned to move in on Friday. Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
Living Room, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0= Foyer to Porch, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
As you go up the stairs just to the right of the front door, you come into the living room shown above, but the door is just to the left of the picture shown. If you continue into the living room and turn to the left you come to the foyer which leads to the porch shown here. 2nd Floor front porch, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
Dining Room, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0= Kitchen, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
If on entering the living room, you had turned right you would see the dining room and hallway to the other rooms (shown above). If you walked into the living room and looked right you would see the kitchen, also shown above. Along the right of the hallway is the bathroom and then my bedroom (shown here). I really loved the hardwood floors. Farrel had returned the furniture she had borrowed from local family and it was pretty empty, but looked very open and appealing. My Bedroom, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
The first floor is occupied by a couple with a new baby. They mow the lawn and such and have access to the garage shown here. Garage, Edison Avenue, Albany, NY. =0=
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