Travels, Life in Albany, 2010

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US RT 127, TN. =0= US RT 127, TN. =0=
The snow stopped on Thursday evening about 8PM and about 10AM Friday morning I left for Chapel Hill, NC. I started out on US Rt 127, now repaired as shown here and below. Much nicer than when I left before. There were snow flurries and I40 was still closed just beyond Chattanooga. I had been planning on taking the northern detour around the closed section of I40, but there was serious snow predicted for that route. Instead I took the southern alternative through Atlanta. It was listed as about 30 minutes longer, but the weather was great the whole way (sunny with clean, dry roads). US RT 127, TN. =0=
US RT 127, TN. =0= Raleigh Friends Meeting House, NC. =0=
I got to Chapel Hill without incident and was able to visit with Amy and Jack. I also timed my return so that I could dance with local sufi or Dances of Universal Peace circle. They meet on the second Saturday and the two NY circles I have gone to were not having January dances. The Raleigh dance circle dance at the Quaker Raleigh Friends Meeting House shown above. I made a short video of the circle. It is scads better than the one I made ages ago with my older camrea. It is also scads larger (and slower to load on a dial up connection). From there I was off to NY (on Sunday), this time taking the more normal route of I85 to I95. Here is a picture of I85 with pines in NC. I85, NC. =0=
Pentagon. =0= NJTP Garden State. =0=
I went through DC on the way North and as usual got a little lost there. Above is a picture of the pentagon, right off I395. Google suggested I take I495 to I295, but it is hard when Google and my GPS disagree (I am caught in the middle with their arguing). Above and here are also picture of New Jersey, the garden state. As usual, the name 'garden state' seems odd from the New Jersey Turnpike where all you see are industrial plants. Oh yeah, they must grow industrial plants in the garden state. LOL. NJTP Garden State. =0=
I had ordered an EZ Pass on line a couple of weeks before I left. It made paying tolls way easier (just slow down in the special lanes). It also made keeping the totals easier as you can look up the totals later on line. Yikes, the tolls were $23.84. I think that I will normally take the I81 route instead as it has no tolls and less confusing traffic (it avoids NYC and DC, passing though cities like Harrisburg instead). . =0=
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