Travels, Life in Albany, 2009

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Mike's new home, Dallas, TX. =0= Roxie. =0=
My brother Michael has had to move yet again this year. Yikes! Above the house he is living in. It is very close to the house on Tyler street where we were raised. Joe's parents (Joe is Michael's friend he met via bicycling) had lived there for many years but Joe's dad died and just a few months ago his mom moved into assisted living. The interior is pretty full and needed a fair amount of cleaning but my brother needed to get out of his previous place with little notice. Doh! He is also living with a very nice Rottweiler dog, shown above and here. Roxie is very clever and when Micheal makes a certain sound, 'hubba hubba', answers back and smiles as shown in the video. Roxie. =0=
Denton ReStore. =0= Denton ReStore. =0=
This trip I was able to visit the Denton Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They have two regular staff, Tommy (shown here) who manages the 'warehouse' and Sherry who manages the store. They also have a part time truck driver. They have an incredible inventory of hardware and building supplies, much better than I have ever seen at a Restore. They do not carry furniture, that is at the Denton Thrift shop and they sometimes buy new items (I presume inventory from closing hardware stores and such). They also keep some of their inventory outside as shown below. They have an older diesel truck (91 GMC) which was given as a donation. Its GVW is 36000lbs, more than any other straight truck I have seen. It also requires the driver have a CDL which Sherry and the truck driver have. However, as a down side, they don't seem to have integrated volunteers into their operation very much. They seem to get a fair number of CSR's (Community Service Requirements), but haven't been able to depend on them. When I went in on Tuesday there were two other volunteers (both CSR's) and their truck driver wasn't able to come it so there wasn't really anything for me to do. I left early. Tommy. =0=
Denton ReStore. =0= Denton ReStore. =0=
There is a small section of their warehouse area that is set aside for building supplies for their builds; it is about 1/6 of the floor space. They made the back wall with a row of interior doors shown here. So cool! Denton ReStore. =0=
White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0= White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0=
On the afternoon before Christmas eve we got snow which is a rare event in north Texas. Above are pictures of the view from the back of mom's house as it was starting (the snow is barely visible in the pictures). Here is a picture of Todd's house across the street from mom's. Todd is a way cool technology guy who sets me up with broadband wifi access while I am visiting my mom. He and his family are so great (I need pictures...). Later, I got pictures in the evening when the snow had accumulated. You can see short videos to the snow and wind. Also below is a picture of the sunrise on Chistmas morning. Very rare and beautiful. White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0=
White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0= White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0=
White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0= White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0=
My brother, Michael, was not able to drive up to spend Christmas with us as the roads were bad. We went over on Christmas Day to have lunch at the main building. White Christmas in Denton, TX. =0=
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