Travels, Life in Albany, 2009

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Jade Garden. =0= Howard. =0=
Toward the middle of November there was a reunion for the members of the old NYNEX Science and Technology AI Lab and Expert System lab. The lab fell into disfavor with the merger between NYNEX and Bell Atlantic and even more so with the merger with GTE to create Verizon. They closed the building altogether a year or two ago. I had visited there a few weeks ago on my way up to Albany. The reunion was at Jade Garden, a dim sun restaurant. About forty people came to the reunion, many of whom were before my time or who I had not worked with. However, it was great to see so many of the people I had worked with (I hadn't taken pictures at the time so it was great to get them now). Above is Howard, sometimes my manager. Here is Jim, the head of the group I worked with. Below is Bea, a social friend from another lab, and Foster, a visiting professor now at NYU. Jim. =0=
Bea. =0= Foster. =0=
Yuling. =0= Sara. =0=
Above is Yuling who was my manager as well as my son's (David's) for much of the time we worked there. She helped organize the reunion. Next to her is Sara who was with the speech lab and moved to IBM Research where she is now. Sara helped organize the reunion and suggested we expand the reunion to include the AI Lab. I had met her previously. Here is Jack. He had been with the lab from very early on and I saw him around, but never worked directly with him. As I was getting back to NY, my car developed a shimmy (much like an unbalanced tire), but only when going uphill or level, not when coasting down hill. I didn't know of a reliable place to have my car repaired, but asked Dave, the driver of the Habitat for Humanity Restore truck when we pick up donations. He recommended Miller's Corner Garage (shown below) and they were great. It turned out my front axles needed replacing (after a mere 270,000 miles) and all is good now. The front is on Washington Street and is just a first floor driveway through the building to the other side of the block (also below) where they have the first floor of the building shown. Jack. =0=
Miller's Corner Garage. =0= Miller's Corner Garage. =0=
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