Travels, Life in Albany, 2009

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Washington Park, Albany, NY. =0= Washington Park, Albany, NY. =0=
The weekend after I moved in, there was the Lark Street Festival, quite a big thing in Albany and just a couple of miles away from where I live. As it was a street fair, I assumed there wouldn't be good parking. I hadn't had time to check out my new bikes, so walked, almost five miles round trip altogether. There was a nice park I wanted to investigate (Washington Park) along the way, shown above, here, and below. They were just starting a Latino Pride parade in the park as I went by, shown here. There was a really cool fountain from 1893 shown below. As I left the park there was a side street that connected with Lark Avenue which had booths set up along it (also below). Latino Pride Parade. =0=
Washington Park, Albany, NY. =0= Washington Park, Albany, NY. =0=
Lark Street Festival, Albany, NY. =0= Lark Street Festival, Albany, NY. =0=
There were cool booths where people could join a drum circle (here is a short video or where kids join a group dance (here is a short video). Above are pictures from the main drag, Lark Street. Here is a impressive old church on Lark Street, the Trinity Methodist Church. Below is a person getting a Henna tattoo (which aren't permanent I believe). On my walk back I noticed a Quaker's Meeting House on Washington Street (also below). They have services at 11AM every Sunday. That evening I verified one of my bikes was in good working order (and I went shopping with David that evening to get bike locks at a dollar store), so I biked over and attended the next morning. The service was mostly about 20 people sitting for meditation for an hour. Cool. The local Siddha Yoga Chanting and Meditation group only meets once a month so I can go there on other weekends for their group meditation. Afterwards they had announcements and such. They are too strongly 'anti-war' for me to really fit in. I guess I am as 'anti-war' as the next guy, we just disagree on the best method of minimizing war... However, I have no problem meditating with them. Trinity Methodist Church, Albany, NY. =0=
Lark Street Festival, Albany, NY. =0= Quaker Meeting House, Albany, NY. =0=
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