Travels, Return to New York, 2009

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Barbara's new library. =0= Jay. =0=
Barbara took me by her new school on the way home. There are other pictures of her house and the schools from 2007. The school district closed a school this year and so Barbara was moved to the High School library. The High School building is now host to three separate 'schools' which covers grades 5-12, but it is set up so the kids in the different schools don't interact. Barbara has more responsibilities, but has an assistant. Her library is in the section of the building shown above on the left and her classroom is in the section closest to the libary and toward the doors. On Friday, Barbara didn't work, but instead we went in to Albany, picked up James, our younger son (also known as Jay in his youth) at his house (below), had lunch at Pepper Jacks, did some shopping, and saw a movie while David (our older son) was slaving away at work. Then we went by David's condo and picked up David and his girldfriend Nina. We all had dinner at Buca (below). Barbara and Jay. =0=
Jay's house. =0= Buca, Albany, NY. =0=
Nina and David. =0= Barbara and Jay. =0=
Above are Nina and David who sat opposite me. Next to that are Barbara and Jay who sat next to me. Nina took this picture of Barbara, David, Jay and me. David and Nina go to Buca regularly because the food is good (Italian) and they have large family portions. Our waiter took this picture of Barbara, Jay, me, Nina and David below. Barbara, David, Jay and Brian. =0=
Buca family portions. =0= Barbara, Jay, Brian, Nina and David. =0=
On Friday evening, Barbara's boyfriend, Duane (shown here) arrived for New Jersey. He spends most of the week caring for his mom who is suffering from alzhiemers. We had breakfast in Barbara's sun room and watched the birds and squirells (below) who joined us on the deck just beyond the sun room. Duane had peanuts which he would give to the squirrels and sometimes they were bold enough to actually take the peanut from Duane's hand. Duane. =0=
Squirrel on Barbara's porch. =0= Nuthatch on Barbara's porch. =0=
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