Travels, Return to New York, 2009

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NJTP. =0= NJTP. =0=
As I was approaching New York City on the New Jersey Turnpike, I once again wondered why New Jersey was called the Garden State. As you look at the pictures above you can, they have so many industrial plants (they must grow industrial plants). Here and below is the approach to the George Washington Bridge where you leave New Jersey and enter NYC. The traffic was quite close and hectic zooming along at about 50 MPH (but with little distance between cars). It felt like returning home. George Washington Bridge. =0=
George Washington Bridge. =0= Approaching the Deegan. =0=
Approaching the Deegan. =0= Verizon Entrance. =0=
I had arranged to stay with my former wife, Barbara, until I could arrange a place to stay. As I was due to arrive well before she got home from work, I stopped by some of the places where I used to work as they were right on the way and I had the time. From about 1995 to 2001 I worked for NYNEX / Bell Atlantic / Verizon at the facility whose entrance is shown here. I started with NYNEX Science and Technology. They had two buildings there. This is the first building I worked at, furthest up the hill. It is now occupied by Fordham Univeristy. My cubicle (now replaced with walled area) was just to the left of the corridor below and looked out onto the courtyard, also shown below. Fordham University. =0=
Fordham University. =0= Fordham University. =0=
Later, they stopped using the facilty up the hill as it was too expensive and they were downsizing with the merger of Verizon and Bell Atlantic (with Bell Atlantic taking the lead and being more inclined to buy technology rather build their own). I moved down the hill to this building. It is now unoccupied. You can see pictures of the summer when David, my son, worked there with me in 2001. Verizon Science and Technology. =0=
Just a few blocks from the Science and Technology Group is the Westchester Medical Group, shown here, where I got my medical care for almost 20 years. They had been and independent HMO, were bought by Kaiser, and became independent when Kaiser pulled out of NY. They are still doing well it seems. Westchester Medical Group. =0=
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