Travels, Visit in Boca Raton, FL, 2009

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Robin and Stephen's House. =0= Jesse, Allie, Stephen, and Robin. =0=
On Sunday we saw the movie Julie & Julia and then visited Robin (the older of Arnold and Esther's daughters) and Stephen along with their kids Jesse and Allie. Here is Stephen with Allie. Stephen and Allie. =0=
Robin and Allie. =0= Jesse and Esther. =0=
Above is a picture of Robin and Allie (Robin was nice enough to allow me one unposed pictures, but she really doesn't like having her picture taken). Jesse was off to be tutored on his upcoming SAT's. Above Jesse is showing his SAT book to Esther.TD> Jesse. =0=
Here is grapefruit tree that Jesse had grown from seed and planted outside Robin and Stephen's house. However, it was growing under another tree and they moved it to Arnold and Esther's house. I figure it is a kindred spirit to the apple tree I am delivering to NY (from Oregon where I planted it from seed a year and a half ago). Jesse's Graprefruit Tree. =0=
On the return from Arnold and Esther's, the car temperature got up to 106 degrees, which I expect meant about 96 degrees out, but it was pretty humid, too. Whew! It was hot, the hottest I have experienced on this trip. I stopped at this pilot to wash my face, which, somehow, makes me feel better. Florida had mostly palmetto scrub along the road while Georgia, below was mostly pines. In Georgia, the freeway had more grass along the side of the road and the clear cuts extended all the way to the freeway (making it more visible, but the picture below really does not convey it. Florida Pilot. =0=
Georgia I95. =0= Clear Cut, bad picture. =0=
I made it to South Carolina that evening and encountered significant rain. It was much cooler and I had a very pleasant night at the Pilot shown here. I was off at about 6AM and saw the sunrise below. I also encountered a detour where all traffic was directed off the freeway and along a local road which paralleled freeway. Thanks to my GPS I was comfortable getting off an exit early as things were way backed up at the detour. I had no particular delay and drove by the accident. A tractor trailer with a load of 2 x 4s had dropped its load on the freeway and they had brought a fork lift and were trying clean up the road. I imagine that took a while as you really have to stack the lumber and that takes time. However, I didn't have my camera out when I drove by and didn't want to slow the traffic on the alternate route. The picture on the right below is the line of traffic getting back on the freeway. South Carolina Pilot. =0=
Sunrise in South Carolina. =0= Traffic returning to freeway. =0=
In North Carolina I was able to visit with Ronnie again, but just for the day as she now has a roommate, Elif, who is a student going to Duke and who has just arrived from Istanbul. For some reason I didn't take my camera and so there are no pictures. Doh! However, later Elif and Ronnie visited the Duke Gardens and had this nice picture taken. Elif and Ronnie. =0=
I spent the night in a residential neighborhood just off the Baltimore Washington Parkway, parked after dark and left while still dark. Hence no pictures. The drive to New York was quite familiar as I studied and worked along the corridor from Boston to D.C. for about thirty years and made the trip on numerous occassions. I295 in NJ. =0=
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