Travels, Visit in Boca Raton, FL, 2009

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Arnold and Esther's house. =0= Arnold and Esther's house. =0=
After visiting with Ronnie, I headed to Boca Raton, FL where I visited with Arnold and Esther (my semi-adopted family from my days at West Point) who I hadn't seen since Debra's wedding in 2001. Yikes. I was surprised at the house that my GPS took me too as I had forgotten that the Arnold and Esther have moved since I last visited them. Above are pictures of their new house (and it is quite lovely). They also had a tremendous full semi-circle rainbow just after my arrival and I got pictures of it here from their screened in pool / patio. The pictures above also should have had the rainbow, but the colors of the rainbow were completely washed out there. On Saturday, we visited their Uncle Sam is 103 years old (which is quite impressive as the oldest person today is only about 12 years older. He lives in the house below. It is amazing how alert and active he is. He takes things slow, but doesn't miss anything. He mostly listens to books on tapes during the day and has an excellent memory. Rainbow. =0=
Double Rainbow. =0= Uncle Sam's house. =0=
Inverrary Diner. =0= Esther and Arnold. =0=
Every two weeks Arnold and Esther take him to lunch at the Inverrary Diner where Pat, his regular waitress, has his bowl of barley soup sitting and waiting for him before he sits down. This is important because he usually has his lunch at 11:30AM but they often don't get to the diner until 12:30PM. He gets a sandwich and other things to take home with him for later meals. Above are Esther and Arnold at the diner and here I am with Uncle Sam. After dinner we went back to Uncle Sam's house and visited. Actually Arnold and I mostly did errands, replacing a loose toilet paper holder, tightening another, and tightening a toilet cover. Uncle Sam and Brian. =0=
Esther and Uncle Sam. =0= Arnold. =0=
Brian. =0= Steinway Pinao Gallery. =0=
I tried to get a candid picture of Arnold work, but only got the one above at the very end as the bathroom was too small to fit a camera person in there while someone was working. The picture of me above with the toilet seat cover was posed. Can you tell? That evening we went to a piano concert put on by Yang. She had been a student at the Lynn Conservatory of Music here, visiting from China. Arnold and Esther befriended her when she was headed for a summer with a family in the Hamptons and have been good friends ever since. You can even see her in the old wedding pictures in 2001. Now Yang teaches at the Conservatory as well as other things. The concert was at the Steinway Piano Gallery which has a room which can seat about 70 and they hold small concerts there. However, there had been a thunder storm that afternoon and there was no power other than the emergency lighting. Yang decided to try to do the pieces anyway, even though she could barely see the keys and her hardest piece had several major 'leaps'. She was amazing and I wished I could have seen her better. It looked like her whole body with lift for the really powerful sections. Imagine playing the piano as an aerobic activity... Perhaps we should blind fold her next time so that we could watch her amazing performance in the face of ever greater challenges. :-) After the concert we all went Taverna Eros which has very fine Greek cuisine. Taverna Eros. =0=
Yang and Esther. =0= Arnold and Brian. =0=
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