Travels, Return to California, 2009

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Palm SPrings, CA. =0= Palm SPrings, CA. =0=
On Monday, July 26, James had an appearance at Palm Springs Court House before Judge Cox. It had been moved there from Riverside, CA after James had a judge removed from the case in Riverside, CA (just before an unusual ex parte hearing was scheduled with opposing counsel). Above are pictures of the hills around Palm Springs and here is a picture of their court house. Along the route out East we passed lots of wind turbines, shown below, and I even made a short video of them. Court House, Palm SPrings, CA. =0=
Wind Turbines, Southern California. =0= Wind Turbines, Southern California. =0=
Bad Lands, Southern California. =0= City Government Building, Riverside, CA. =0=
James had taken the day from his job as a probate examiner in Orange County, but the motions pending in Palm Springs were all resolved in the morning, so on the way back we stopped by Riverside, the County Seat, where James filed some papers and got certified copies of some documents. Above is the Riverside City government building (I beleive) and here is James dressed as an attorney (in his monkey suit, so to speak). James. =0=
Riverside County Court House, CA. =0= Riverside County Court House, CA. =0=
Above are pictures of Riverside County Court House from the back and side. This is the front entrance. It was really impressive on the inside, too, with lots of funky stairs down and up (not obviously marked), but the head judge normally conducts his conferences (encouraging parties to settle and such) right in the main entrance hallway (it was very impressive), but they do not permit any pictures of the interior. Drats. Riverside County Court House, CA. =0=
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