Travels, Visit to D.C., 2009

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Eric. =0= Brian. =0=
We got in real late (2AM their time, 11PM Eric's time, 8PM my time, but I had been travelling for over 26 hours so really had no sense of the time in any case) at Eric's brother's (Mark's) house.I Eric and I took the Metro (or D.C. area subway) from Rockville, MD to D.C.. Above are pictures of Eric and I on the metro. The Metro is pretty smooth and quiet, but I took a short video of the ride. Here and below are pictures of the Metro stations. They are probably the only subways built in the last fifty years in the U.S. and have a stylish utilitarian tunnel decor in the stations, shown here and below. I got a video of the train arriving (pretty quiet). It was a really long escalator to the street (also shown below) and I was going video wild with an escalator video (though at this point I can't imagine who hasn't experienced an escalator). Metro Center Station. =0=
Metro Station. =0= Metro Station. =0=
Library of Congress. =0= Security Barrier. =0=
Eric and I visited the Library of Congress which I don't believe I had ever been to. On the way we passed a newer building which probably does more of the actual function of the Library of Congress, archiving and cataloguing works. As we walked I noticed numerious security barriers like those shown above. They were practically routine at the entrances to all the federal buildings. Library of Congress. =0=
The next block had the historical Library of Congress building, built shortly after 1900 to be the most largest, safest, and most extragavant (i.e. expensive) national library in the world. It is shown here and below and it is quite impressive. Library of Congress. =0=
Library of Congress. =0= Library of Congress. =0=
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