Travels, Return to D.C., 2009

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Honolulu Airport. =0= Bus 76, Orange County Trasit Authroity. =0=
On 15 July I washed clothes and packed my remaining stuff for the return. This time only one checked bag at exactly 50 pounds and not so heavy carry ons. Bob took me to the airport and I again noticed that the corridors of the Honolulu Airport are open air. I am sure they close the airport in bad weather (hurricane and such). I got into LAX just before 5AM and then started the trek to Orange County Airport (I saved about $230 by taking strange flights, how could I pass that up). Before I left I had forgotten to check out which buses to take though I had seen it was possible a month ago. Doh! When I got to Norwalk, I tried asking the drivers, but none seemed to know. Finally a fellow rider to me to take the one of the buses to Cerrita (I think I took a Long Beach Express) and then bus 30. The driver on bus 30 suggested I take bus 29 and then took bus 76 to the airport. I really saw a lot of Orange County, but arrived at the airport at 9:30AM, plenty of time for my 11:15AM flight. I also should have gotten a day pass as they are only $4, while I paid $1.50 at each leg with no transfers. Oh well, it was still a bargain (and think of the tour I got). Bus 76, Orange County Trasit Authroity. =0=
Bus 76, Orange County Trasit Authroity. =0= Bus 76, Orange County Trasit Authroity. =0=
NWA, Orange County Trasit Authroity. =0= Detroit Airport. =0=
Rather than getting a direct flight to D.C., I flew out on Northwest and changed planes in Detroit. I have other pictures of Detroit airport from 2005. I had been impressed by a fountain which periodically shot streams of water, but couldn't get a good picture. This time I took a short video, a scene of which is shown here. They have an indoor tram that runs between terminals above each gate, shown below. I took a picture of the outgoing flight, but the windows had dots (presumably to block direct sun light), but it made the picture (below) a little funky. Fountain, Detroit Airport.
Detroit Airport. =0= Detroit Airport. =0=
My flight got in a little late in Reagan National Airport just outside of D.C. and went to the old terminal area (A, gates 1-9) shown here. Eric was meeting me, but flew into B.W.I., arriving about the same time as my flight, where he picked up a rental car. My flight was delayed so that I didn't get my bag until about 11:30PM, so I couldn't take the metro to meet him at Rockland (last train leaves at 11:47PM). Instead he drove in to pick me up, Reagan National Airport, VA. =0=
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