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Horizon Logistics, Compton, CA. =0= Horizon Logistics, Compton, CA. =0=
I was flying back to Hawaii on Thursday and so asked about dropping off my car that morning (saving me a lot of travel as the drop off point was close to the airport), but learned that if I dropped off my car a day earlier it would arrive a week earlier. So, that is what I did. I drove my car to the Horizon Logistics facility in Compton, CA and dropped it off. The guy who inspected my vehicle (shown here) was really nice. We joked about him needing two pens to record all the dings in a 1991 Toyota as the first would run out of ink. My car had to be down to a quarter tank when shipped it (for safety reasons). I had arrived at James and Szaron's house with it almost empty and so added five gallons. However, there was no traffic on the away in and so I arrived an hour early with too much gas. I went by the SSAN office to have a new card mailed to me in Hawaii and let it idle while I waited. Just below a quarter tank when I he checked. They don't allow you to ship stuff with your car now (probably because of theft and damage to vehicles due to loose items), but I put several tools in the spare tire well (well secured and not visible) and my tool box on the floor behind the passenger seat with various blankets and such below the cargo area with the back seats down. He made no comments and they all arrived fine. Horizon Logistics, Compton, CA. =0=
Compton, CA. =0= I5 LA Metro Bus Stop. =0=
I started the walk to the bus I needed to get back to Disneyland, but discovered that the main artery, Alameda St, had no sidewalk and no shoulder where it crossed a river / drainage canal. Properly speaking I should have walked on the road facing traffic, but on an arterial that did not sound like a good idea. There was a path down along the side of the drainage canal which I took under the freeway (91) and Artesia Blvd (above). It was a little spooky and when I got to the end it was all fenced with barbed wire on top. There was a locked gate with no barbed wire so I climbed over that, but then I was in another gated parking area and had to climb another gate to get out and on my way to the bus stop. Geez! Then when I got to the Norwalk Metro Train Station, I took the 460 bus the wrong way to LA. Doh! I got off at the second stop which was on the I5 freeway. I went to the other side and waited, reading my book, as the outbound 460 bus zoomed by at 40 miles an hour. I then saw another commuter who said you have to wave down the bus you want so then spent the next half hour watching for buses so that I would wave down the one I wanted. I did get to Disneyland only a little late (4:20PM) and was able to get a ride home with James, so it was all OK, just an epic length trip. That evening Szaron had made dinner (yummy hot dogs and corn) and here is a picture of her with Dide (Dierdre) and their dog, Goonie. Szaron, Goonie, and Dierdre. =0=
LA Airport Shuttle Bus. =0= LA Airport C Parking Lot. =0=
The next morning I was back to LA, this time to the airport. I got there way early and it was good as I had sorted my stuff into checked bags (with all the liquids to ship). Sadly, I put my favorite screw driver in my checked bag and it was stopped by the TSA as it was longer than seven inches (7.5 inches even without the magnetic bit holder shown below). Doh! I love that tool and have used it for over twenty years. So I inquired where the closest post office was and took the free LA Airport shuttle to parking lot C, stop 52 (above) and then walked to the post office (here and below) where I mailed by screw driver and bits to myself via priority mail. Postage rates have been revised so that most any package is over $8 unless you can fit it into a priority mail flat rate envelope. Go figure. Walk to LA Airport Post Office. =0=
LA Airport Post Office. =0= My favorite screw driver. =0=
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