Travels, Trip to Hawaii, 2009

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CDI, Waipahu, HI. =0= CDI, Waipahu, HI. =0=
On Wedesday and Thursday (May 21, 2009), the people at CDI were starting to get serious about packing stuff up and moving it to the Kapolie site at Campbell Industrial Park. Above youcan see where they are using their crane to load a heavy peace of machinery onto a truck. I also helped them load all of the miscellaneous tools from Dave's workshop into metal bins so they could be stacked in a steel shipping container for storage on the beach until we get the new metal buildings built (also above). Here is a picture of a couple of the larger reaction vessels (sixty inch diameter). Below is a picture of the three trailers at the new site. CDI, Waipahu, HI. =0=
CDI, Kapolei, HI. =0= DMV, Kapolei, HI. =0=
Earl was the owner of a plumbing company, Alline, which specialized in pressurized pipes, but is now defunct and all its assets were absorbed by CDI. Earl gave me a ride back to the old site and on the way we stopped by the Kapolei DMV where he was in the process of transferring the title of the Alline trucks and trailers to CDI (shown here). Earl at DMV. =0=
Delta Flight to LA. =0= Norwalk Metro Station. =0=
After work, Mary came by and we had dinner at a very nice sushi restaurant (I had tried it a couple of days before with Earl and Carl). I don't think that I had ever tried the raw fish form of sushi before, but the restaurant they introduced me to is highly regarded and I enjoyed it very much (it was a pink tuna, but had no fish taste). Then she took me to the airport where I had a flight that left at 8:30PM and arrived at 5:30AM. Not that long a flight really with the time change. I napped for a bit and then took the airport shuttle to the Metro Green Line Station (light rail) to Norwalk station. It seems they are really cracking down on people who don't buy tickets before riding the Metro trains. As I had gone through that station on my way to Hawaii, I had noticed two sheriff's arresting a young man at the top of the exit stairs (up from the train). As I was going through this time, they stopped everyone leaving and made sure they had tickets (shown above). I then took the bus to Disneyland, but got there way early (I stopped and shopped at each change of transportation) and so walked a couple of miles to the Lamoreaux Justice Center where James works. I noticed a couple of interesting buildings on the way. Here is the Crystal Cathedral (Catholic) in Orange, CA. Catholic Crystal Cathedral, Orange, CA. =0=
Orange, CA. =0= Orange, CA. =0=
As I was walking, the building shown above was just behind the Crystal Cathedral. I wondered if it was the building where James worked, but it wasn't. It seems to have just been an interesting office building. As I was walking and approached the address I wanted I noticed these buildings which turned out to be the jail and related buildings. Jail, Orange, CA. =0=
Lamoreaux Justice Center, Orangem, CA. =0= Lamoreaux Justice Center, Orangem, CA. =0=
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