Travels, Trip to California, 2009

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Dallas, Oregon satsang. =0= View from Carol's House. =0=
On Friday evening we had a satsang in Dallas, Oregon at Carol's house, shown above. There is a really great view from her house (also above). On Sunday morning, the Eugene center (shown here) was having a live gurugita and so we all drove down in two cars (it was right on my way to CA and broke up the drive). Their center is in leased space at Good Sam's, shown here. Cool. Below is the entry way and hall. The guys sit on the left (which really threw me for a loop) as there aren't so many and that is the smaller area. Eugene, OR Center. =0=
Eugene, OR Center Entry. =0= Eugene, OR Center Hall. =0=
Joellen. =0= Rick. =0=
After the Gurugita chant, they had a breakfast in the shared conference room area. Above are Joellen and Rick. Here is Paul. He had been ashram management when I visited there and I remember meeting him then though I don't remember the circumstnaces. From there I headed down to Oakland and the Oakland Ashram (there are pictures previously from 2002 and 2007. The 2007 pictures have lots of pictures of the Prison Project office which is where I did seva Monday through Wednesday. Kimarie (below) had trained with me in 2007, but we hadn't much chance to visit. I was sleeping in my car and washing up in the bathroom, but she was staying with her friend Shannon (also from Utah, though she lives in CA now) and I was able to shower and have dinner with them. That was much appreciated. Paul. =0=
Kimarie. =0= Shannon. =0=
Then I was off to Palo Alto where I stayed a few days with Susan and Mike. There are pictures of there house from 2002. Below is a picture of my computer as set up in their house and Mike as he was working on developing some software. Susan and Mike's house. =0=
My computer. =0= Mike. =0=
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