Travels, Trip to California, 2009

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Vancouver ReStore. =0= Mark. =0=
I couldn't fit my kitchen step stool into my 'lift van' and just left it for them to use around the warehouse. Then, I made a quick trip by the Vancouver ReStore above) and dropped off a chest of drawers and a lamp that wouldn't fit into my storage unit. I also gave a plant to Mark, the manager of the store there. Then I took these pictures of my empty apartment (I left a few basic items like toilet paper and a shower curtain in case the next resident could use them). It was pretty much the same as when I moved in. Autumn Chase. =0=
Autumn Chase. =0= Autumn Chase. =0=
Hunan Pearl. =0= Eric's House. =0=
That evening, Eric had the last of our weekly dinner meetings at Hunan Pearl (above) and I gave him some stuff like the large 8 bow tie HDTV antenna that wouldn't fit in my unit. As I was loaded stuff into my car I discovered other stuff for him shown above and here, two grocery bags. Eric's House. =0=
Then I headed down to Salem. I had wanted to go to a Sufi dance (properly Dances of Universal Peace) demonstration at OSP, but I was running late and couldn't get there in time. Doh! Instead I had dinner with Cathy. She is staying at her mom's house and trying to sell her house as her son has moved to live and work with his dad in Germany (less need for the space) and her income is down as Salem Clinic has stopped using their contractor transcriptionists. It has been working out great as she and her mom getting closer, resolving old issues and such. Cool! Cathy's mom's house. =0=
Dallas City Park. =0= Dallas City Park. =0=
After a nice visit with Cathy, I headed to Joellen and Rick's house in Dalls, Oregon (close to Salem) where I stayed a few days. They have a really nice park just a short distance from their house (shown above) and I got a nice picture of Joellen (here) and their dog, Foxy (below). Joellen also took a nice picture of me. Joellen. =0=
Foxy. =0= Brian. =0=
The park is an old park and has some rare equpiment, teeter totters and merry go rounds. When I was a kid, those were standard fare, but obviously kids can get hurt with them so they aren't installed any where now. Dallas City Park. =0=
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