Life in Portland Area

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Good Sam's Dining Room. =0= Good Sam's Birds. =0=
Above is another picture of friends who my mom often has lunch with at The Good Sam's dining room. In 2001 I took pictures of my Mom at their Thanksgiving dinner. Next to that are some birds that they have in the main building. Here is a picture of the elephant ear philodendrums which I had left with my mom back in 2001 when they were tiny plants. They certainly are doing well (that is a big pot). All grown up. =0=
St Barnabas Episcopal Church. =0= St Barnabas Episcopal Church. =0=
The next morning (Tuesday) we went to church at St Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denton. My mom had been raised as Seventh Day Adventist, but she was the first in her family to turn away from some of their teachings. I was raised as an Episcopalian. I guess I also went through a period of rejection of the beliefs of my childhood, I am quite comfortable with Episcopal traditions. Here are some pretty flowers outside the church (azaleas, I believe). After church we stopped by the main building at Good Sam's and mom had her blood pressure taken (it is running high and she is taking medication for it) by one of her favorite nurses (shown below). Later we went out and picked up take out Thai food which we ate at home. It was very good... St Barnabas Episcopal Church. =0=
Good Sam's Nurse. =0= Good Sam's Nurse. =0=
On Wednesday I flew back to Portland. DFW has an automated train that takes people between terminals (it is a big airport). The whole system is inside the security area. Of course as I wasn't changing planes I just got dropped off at the right terminal. I was able to get direct flights on American Airlines (McDonnell Douglas M-80's I believe) shown below. The flight was slightly overbooked and so they asked for volunteers to offer their seats. Two hour delay for $200 coupon. As I had no plans I offered. They used my assigned seat, but in the end there were enough no shows that they were able to take some stand bys. Cool. I got a new seat and it was in First Class, shown below. Double Cool! DFW Airport. =0=
American Airlines M-80. =0= First Class Cabin. =0=
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