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In December we had some snow and it was really pretty (I worked from home that day). There were some people who used the hot tub (shown here) but I wasn't so bold. It was really pretty out and the snow was so peaceful. I made a short video of the snow, but the snow really didn't come out very well. What to do? Autumn Chase snow. =0=
New parking garage. =0= New parking garage. =0=
At work there is all sorts of construction when Jim and I go on our walks. Across from the downtown cinemaplex they have ripped up a parking lot and are building an underground garage (six stories) that will have a park on top. It should be nice. They have also closed the transit mall (a couple of avenues in downtown that were exclusively for buses) so that they can put in a trolley line (and may not allow buses back as it would be too crowded). Here is a building being refurbished while the roads were closed. Below are pictures of the Transit Mall as they are working on it (will be an on0going project for the next year or so). Transit Mall. =0=
Transit Mall. =0= Transit Mall. =0=
At the end of January 2007, I got the Decision of the Washington Supreme Court and it was as I feared; they declined to consider the matter. That makes me sad as it appears that Washington State courts don't really follow government of law but rather have their own little fiefdoms (strong man rules).

However, they did inspire me to start a new web page (and potentially a series) about the importance of government of law. I also am consdering starting a grass roots, self help focussed on Clark County Domestic Violence cases as that is where their abuse is most apparent. I expect that I will be filing in federal courts, but there is no rush on that. So sad, it would have been so much nicer if the Washington Courts had done the right thing. Oh well, what to do? I looked at 100 completed recent requests for an Order for Protection and they show the elements of sexual stereotyping though it is not yet clear if I have enough data for statistical significance.

. =0=
I have made a couple of visits to the Clark County Center collecting information and such (above is the DMV and Board of Elections as I was starting to look into having candidates run against the current judges). About four years we at Active Moving had moved them into this building. One of the college students who was helping us out that summer had his hand crushed when the ramp slipped and one of the loaded carts smashed his hand (in this parking lot across the street). So sad. Moving is a dangerous profession.... Anyway, I was considering all sorts of options to force the judges to obey the law, but found that I was getting pretty angry at the system. The problem is that anger and forcing people to do stuff only causes more conflict and animosity and doesn't really solve anything. I had some thoughts about that and am currently thinking to take a less adversarial role even if it is ineffective at forcing change. It is all so silly really, as there is no particular reason for them to ignore the constitutional and statutory requirements as they could easily comply. . =0=
I have been preparing for future litigation. I wanted to verify that in 2007 the Superior Court is still not complying with the requirements of the doemstic violence (and other) statutes. The Chief Administrator, Jeff Amram has not been eager to help with this endeavor (imagine that) and while he would provide me with copies of appointment orders for the Commissioners he wouldn't make any statement that there weren't any others. However he did let me review the file with all the orders in his office area (at a desk for one of his assistants). Here is the exterior of the office. Lisa pointed out the file, but didn't want me to take a picture. Too bad, she had a lovely smile (though if people pose they often lose their lovely smiles and replace it with an awful grimace). Superior Court Chief Administrator Office. =0=
I have also been reviewing closed cases to determine how if and how much sexual stereotyping had in the issuance of Orders for Protection in Clark Couty. While I was there I also sat in on some of the hearings. Every Wedensday afternoon Judge Hagensen hears the requests for Orders for Protection requested through petitions after an 'ex parte' hearing and, hopefully, service so that both parties are present. This is his court room. Judge Hagensen Court Room. =0=
This is the sign outside his court room which says this is a Superior Court Commissioner hearing (though the big sign above clearly says District Court). They certainly could be clearer, but it seems they still don't want people to really know what goes on. There is also a sign which I forgot to take a picture of (but might next trip) which says people here for new hearings should wait outside. Unclear to you? Me too! What they mean is that you wait outside in the hall way until the clerk distributes the signed temporary orders. They skip the exparte hearing required by RCW 26.50.070 (3) which must be 'in person or by telephone' but that is too much bother for them. They review the petitions in chambers and the clerk distributes the results. Superior Court Hearing? =0=
Just to the right of Judge Hagensen's court room is District Court Room 6 usually used by Commissioner Osler shown here. It is where my Petition was returned 'Denied' by the clerk ages ago. She seems to handle mostly traffic matters (it appears though I didn't stay long) and during lunch she does reviews the Petitions and makes decisions (without actually talking to the Petitioner). Commissioner Osler Court Room. =0=
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