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Early in May of 2006 I got the Decision of the Court of Appeals in Washington response to my Brief. I was most disappointed as the Superior Court had taken numerous short cuts which violated the Washington Constitution and statutes. I was really suprised that the Superior Court would put expediency in front of legality, but I was more surprised by the Court of Appeals attempting to just ignore these transgressions. I mean do we have a government of law or what? Anyway, I filed my Petition for Review to the Washington Supreme Court to express my consternation. I have also started inviting comments from various organizaitons such as the A.C.L.U., local papers, Washington state legislators, and Oregon prosecutors who might be interested in preserving our government of law. Just after my Petition was approved by the Washington Supreme court (saying they will consider whether to review my case), the Oregon Court of Appeals let me know that they had approved my transcript and that I had seven weeks to prepare my brief. I was kept busy contacting people about the Washington appeal and didn't submit my Oregon Brief until July 25, 2006. Here is the Oregon Justice Building where the offices of the Attorney General and Solicitor General (and their staff) work. Oregon Department of Justice. =0=
First I filed my Brief with the Attorney General (two copies) and then walked out the back door (there was construction) and into the Supreme Court building where I filed twenty copies and the original. Yikes, that was a lot of copies. In Washington you only filed one copy which they scanned in and then made copies as they needed. They sent you a bill, but it was way cheap, like $6. As the Oregon appeal was so much simpler, I was able to keep it pretty short, 20 pages or so, so the cost was not totally outrageous, less than $30. Below are the back and then front pictures of the Supreme Court building. It appears Oregon only has a Court of Appeals which is co-located with their Supreme Court (at least for filing purposes). Oregon Department of Justice. =0=
Meanwhile, in Washington it looks like Clark County Superior Court is still delegating authority contrary to statutes, but this time in a more sublte way. Here are the current orders. They were presented in my Motion to the Washington Supreme Court along with the arguements why they are still without jurisdiction to hear RCW 26.50 matters. I also came across some historical perspective in A Process Evaluation of the Clark County Domestic Violence Court by Kleinhesselink and Mosher. It claimed that domestic violence 'is the leading cause of injury to women ages 15 to 44' which I had read ages ago was a factoid, an urban legend and easily demonstrated as false. Previously I had visited the CDC site and confirmed that the claim is false; automobile accidents are the primary causes of injuries to all listed groups of Americans. However, as the historical perspective was an otherwise scholarly work I followed the reference to Linda G Mills (1998). Sadly, that is an inaccurate quote from Novello, A., Rosenberg, M., Saltzman, L., & Shosky, J. (1992 Jun 17). From the Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, JAMA, 267(23), 3132 which states 'One study found violence to be ... the leading cause of injuries to women ages 15 through 44 years (Am J Epidemiol. 1991;134:59-68). That study, conducted for a 1-year period by the Philadelphia Injury Prevention Program, examined injuries to women resulting in emergency department visits or death.'. At no point did Ms. Novello imply that this very limited result could be generalized to a much larger population as Ms. Mills It is sad when people need to generate interest in their cause based on false claims. It makes everything they say suspect which is sad as they do have other worthwhile ideas. Oregon Supreme Court. =0=
In August of 2006 I got the reply to my Washington Motion which was as expected, denying the first two points (but it never hurts to ask and might be useful later) and generally granting the important point of expanding the record. In September, Oregon's Department of Justice asked for a 161 day extension which they got pretty much atuomatically but I replied opposing the extension and asking for other relief such as expanded record and so on. Litigation certainly teaches a person patience. Oregon Supreme Court. =0=
At work, has been growing and remaining quite profitable so there are lots of new people. Here is Claire. She and Christine (below) are new Account Executives (AE's). Of course I have been a little worried as we have been hiring all sorts of people to deal with customers and sales, but the group I am in is down one person (Eugene moved across and became a DBA). There is one person, Sergio (on the right below) who is an EMT (they are the ones who finally approve an email to be sent making sure that all the elements are in place and correct for the mailing) and transferring to be a data specialist (our old title) or CSE (customer service engineer, our new title). We have started training him, but he really won't be much help until they hire a replacement for him... What to do. Right now Sergio and Darrel are the two EMT's and they are in the area where we were when I first joined the company. Richard and Doug have moved down to a new area on the 4th floor as there just isn't room for everyone in our old space. Claire. =0=
Christine. =0= Sergio. =0=
At work one day there was a person repelling down the side of the building (12 stories, build in 1906) washing windows. I took this picture of him at work. It was bright out and comparitively dark in, so the pciture is not so good. Anyway, it is fun to imagine repelling down the building, washing three sets of windows (he would hop from window to window) and then lowering down another flight. Certainly gets the job done. At work, we sometimes need to run jobs over the weekend (if the customer wants updates on Saturday at midnight). We charge the customer extra for it and then we get to charge a lunch for the group to the company. Across the corner from our building is the US Bank tower (shown below) with a nice restaurant, the Portland City Grill, on the 30th floor. It really wasn't too pricey for lunch and had a great view as you can see. Window washer. =0=
US Bank Tower. =0= Portland City Grill, Jim and Candi. =0=
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