Life in Portland Area

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Early in May of 2006 I got the Decision of the Court of Appeals in response to my Brief. I was most disappointed as the Superior Court had taken numerous short cuts which violated the Washington Constitution and statutes. I was really suprised that the Superior Court would put expediency in front of legality, but I was more surprised by the Court of Appeals attempting to just ignore these transgressions. I mean do we have a government of law or what? Anyway, I filed my Petition for Review to the Washington Supreme Court to express my consternation. I have also started inviting comments from various organizaitons such as the A.C.L.U. which might be interrested in preserving our government of law. I also started a new theme page which gathers together the references to these legal woes.... 2006 Rose Festival. =0=
In early June it is time for the Rose Festival in Portland. Above is the view from the Burnside Bridge of a fire boat spraying colored water. This is a picture of the carnival rides and couple of U.S. Coast Guard cutters that are part of the festival. 2006 Rose Festival. =0=
At the end of June 2006, Deborah convinced me to try shaving. It was the first time anyone had seen my chin in uncovered in over 20 years and upper lip uncovered in over 30 years. It was a shock to a lot of people, especially me. Eric took this picture of me. I found an old slide of me when I was 21 and clean shaven. Brian sans facial harr. =0=
On June 28, 2006, David (my son) and Barbara (his mom and my former wife) arrived in Portland. Here they are approaching. We met in the parking area and cell phones are so wonderful. Below on the left is David and I in front of the Motel they stayed at, the Guest House. We had dinner at Elmer's across the street and below is a picture of Barbara. Barbara and David. =0=
David and Brian. =0= Barbara. =0=
Portland Zoo Warty Pig. =0= Portland Zoo Penguin. =0=
We visited the Portland Zoo. Hard to imagine, but it was my first visit to the zoo. Wow! Above are warty pigs (they weren't complaining very much that I could hear) and a penguin swimming in their tank. They also fed the penguins while we were there (by plan as they publish the time) and I made a short video. Below is an alert Meercat (posing for us) and, of course, a giraffe. The Portland Zoo is in a nice park like setting and the viewing areas are discreet (for the animals) and all around the animals' area. Nice for everyone. Portland Zoo Penguins. =0=
Portland Zoo Meercat. =0= Portland Zoo Giraffe. =0=
Barb and Brian. Barb and Brian.
David took the pictures above and Barbara took this and the pictures below while we were at the zoo. It is nice to have some pictures of me (they are almost as scarce on these pages as hen's teeth) and I really like the picture of David below. I suspect that picture will make it to my family picture page. It got warm that day and the snow cone was really sweet. David and Brian.
Brian. =0= David. =0=
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