Life in Portland Area

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My brother sent this very nice picture of him and Billy at their work locaiton, an HP repair / upgrade facility. On March 30, 2006 I allowed my membership in Mensa to lapse. I had been unhappy about being banned from local events and wrote a letter for the Mensa Bulletin, a national Mensa magazine, but it was not published because of its inward focus (and I presume controversial nature). Mike and Billy. =0=
Karyn and I were divorced on February 13, 2006. That was a relief, but the motion to have my previous arrest expunged will need to be litigated. The Multnomah Circuit Court Judge who previously rules on a similar matter, Judge Welch, seems to have interpretted Hathaway v Hart 300 OR 231 (1985) so that Violation of Restraining Orders are civil matters and ORS 137.225 does not apply. Shockingly enough, I disagree. This is the building for the Multnomah County Circuit Court. Multnomah County Circuit Court. =0=
This is another view of the Multnomah County Circuit Court. On February 24, 2006 I received opposing papers as well notice that the hearing on the matter is scheduled for April 13, 2006. On March 13, 2006 I submitted my response. An earlier case, Brown v. Multnomah County Dist. Ct., 280 Or 95 (1977) is often referred to but not generally available on line but now is.... ;-) Multnomah County Circuit Court. =0=
On April 13, 2006 I had my hearing before Judge Frantz in the Multnomah County Circuit Court, Room 512 (shown hear). The hearing was held promptly and was brief (but then I was asking this court to overturn its past decisions). Judge Frantz provided an Order denying my motion. Then the DA submited a more complete Order which was entered in the record on April 18, 2006. On April 20, 2006, I submitted my Notice of Appeal and picked up the CD of the hearing. On April 24, 2006, I submitted my transciption of the hearing. On June 15, 2006 my transcript was approved and I have seven weeks to prepare my brief (already in progress, though this is a motivator). Multnomah County Circuit Court, Room 512. =0=
This is the Deputy DA, Travis Sewell. When I was a soldier (and officer) in Korea there were various military law matters that came up. All the positions in the military courts except for defense attorneys were filled by officers assigned in a fashion similar to the selection of juries in civil and criminal matters. For one proceeding to remove a soldier from the Army, I was the prosecutor. I didn't much like the job in that case (my heart wasn't in it), but I did my best and the soldier was removed from the Army. It was my job and justice is best served when everyone does their job. In a similar fashion, Mr. Sewell has been most professional presenting the reasonable arguments representing the state's point of view. I have been surprised by how different the Oregon and Washington legal systems. Both are much less formal than New York (well duh) which I don't like very much as I write much better and clearer than I speak, but it is just fine. However, in Washington it seems that everyone just does whatever they can get away with with little concern about what is legal, maintaining a government of law, or working with the other parts of the legal system (the legislature doesn't worry about the courts' problems and the courts don't really worry about what the legislature intended). In Oregon, they bend over backwards to insure that they all stay within the legal boundaries and the courts and legislature work together in developing reasonable processes. Altogether different for states that border each other. Assistant DA, Travis Sewell.. =0=
At work things are proceeding with the movement of the previous clients to the Enterprise mailing platform. Cingular is one of the first to make the move and I was assigned as the lead on moving the database support for the second phase of the move. So, on April 6 I was off to San Carlos, CA on an Alaska Air flight through San Francisco airport. Alaska Air plane at San Franciso, CA airport. =0=
The San Carlos office of is shown here. It is between the San Carlos airport (a small airport) and Rt 101, a major experssway in the area. San Carlos, CA =0=
This is Tal who is the head of the Client Services Engineers (CSE) who manage the databases and web forms for the various clients. He was recently promoted and has a new daughter, now just a few months old (along with an older son, now threeish). Tal. =0=
There were three experienced Enterprise CSE's who showed me how Enterprise worked. First up was Muhammad shown here in his cubicle. He is from Pakistan originally though his family now lives in Dubai. Muhammad. =0=
Next up was Mani. He is from Madras, India. Along with covering the technical material (and setting up my PC back at the office in Portland with CVS access) we had a nice discussion of meditation yoga and spirituality. We met in one of the larger conference rooms, Saturn (they assigned be a little conference room, Mars, during my visit). Mani. =0=
This is Emil. He is from the Ukraine. He was my third trainer. From this selection of personell you might conclude that has all men employees. However, I only took pictures of the people who were training me on different sections while I met a few of the women employees, Lisa, Vivian, Priya, and another whose name has slipped my mind. Next trip I will try to get pictures of them. Emil. =0=
This is the San Carlos Marriot where Yesmailers normally stay. On April 7, 2005 it was back to Portland, OR. San Carlos, CA Marriot. =0=
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