Departure from Portland, 2009

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. =0= . =0=
Above are pictures of the new location for Active Moving where I worked in 2003/4. They have moved to a new location (shown above) closer to the port / train terminals. It is a better location, but more expensive and it has been really slow with the down turn. Here is the 'lift van' (or international shipping crate) which I bought from them ($150) as I was loading it. My curio cabinet was filled with all my carvings and puja items (wrapped in extra underwear and such) at the bottom (feet off for strength and stability) with loose clothes (heavy coats and such) filling the top and lightly pushing against the glass. Below are pictures of Mike, the new warehouse guy (replacing Bruce) as he used the forklift to move the lift van as I filled in over a week or so. The previous manager of Active Moving, Scott is gone, replaced by Jeff. I left plants with Bettie, Mike, Scott, Harry, and Kinber. . =0=
Mike. =0= Mike. =0=
Here is another view of Active Moving, now renamed to Crown Moving, the parent company in Seattle (though Crown is Mayflower and Active remained United). They lease this location from a steel company, Thompson Metal Fab Inc I believe. On the last day, I forgot to take my camera with me so took the pictures below of my filled 'lift van' with my phone. Not such a good picture, but better than nothing. It weighed out at 3378 pounds including a couple of hundred pounds for the 'lift van'. Lift Van. =0=
Filled lift van. Filled lift van.
Grand Central Bakery. =0= Halim. =0=
Just before leaving I had a cup of hot chocolate at the Grand Central Bakery and visited with Halim (above). I picked up my phone line diagnostic equipment which I had lent to him and gave him a plant. Amanda also came by on her way to work. It was great to see them. On Wednesday morning I had been invited to a Habitat for Humanity breakfast from 7:30AM to 8:30AM at the Convention Center. It turned out to be a fund raiser. It was quite large (tables for over a thousand people) with testimonials before the appeal and was run very smoothly. Oregon Convention Center. =0=
Habitat for Humanity Fund Raising Breakfast. =0= Oregon Convention Center. =0=
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