Return to Portland, Departure, 2009

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Bertha, Grace, and Larry. =0= Bertha, Grace, and Larry. =0=
I met Larry at the retreat as he was visiting from Wyoming. He returned to Denton where his mom, Grace was living. They visited Good Sam's, the retirement community where my lives. We all had lunch in the dining room above. It had been in the process of being remodeled when I last visited. They have a nice view of the courtyard (shown here) from the courtyard. While I was in Denton, we visited a few thrift stores looking for clothes for my mom (as she lost so much weight with her intestine operation and wants to keep it off) and paperbacks for me to read in my travels. One was at the Habitat for Humanity office for Denton. It was nice chatting with them. They also have a Restore at another location. Then it was back to Portland on Frontier (out on a direct flight with American). Good Sam's Courtyard. =0=
Denton Habitat for Humanity. =0= Return from DFW. =0=
Dave. =0= Matt. =0=
As I was packing, I gave away still more plants, one to Dave, the manager of the complex I was living at, and Matt, who had helped me with my initial lease almost five years ago. Here is Matt's wife, they were married almost a year ago, though I had known them for the entire time I was at Autumn Chase. They each got plants. Below is a pciture of the flowers along the main entrance to Autumn Chase. It is a very pretty and well maintained location. Also below is my curio cabinet which traditionally held my dad's carvings and such, but which had been expanded into a general puja before I started packing. Matt's wife. =0=
Autum Chase flowers. =0= Curio Cabinet / Puja. =0=
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