Life in Portland, 2009

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Restore Volunteer Party. =0= Restore Volunteer Party.
I have gotten a new camera as the battery in my ancient Sony Maverica was failing (wouldn't hold a reasonable charge). At the Restore in January they had a volunteer's pot luck party at the Restore in January instead of the usual BeerNite. Above is a comparison of the picture by my new camera and the one in my phone. Can you tell the difference? ;-) This is the picture from my new camera, but after I had adjusted it with software. It turns out the Kodak software can do even better enhancement. Below is a picture of Malia and Jeff, the two new staff at the Restore replacing Molly and Tess. They are standing at the improved cash register station. Next to that is a picture of Aaron, a new truck driver that I work with on Tuesday. It appears that Flynt has found work in Colorado, which is good, but we miss him. Restore Volunteer Party. =0=
Malia and Jeff. =0= Aaron. =0=
Here I am with my new camera (taken in the bathroom mirror with the shower curtain in the background). I inverted the picture so that it looks right (the Kodak reads right). Brian and new camera. =0=
Jubilee Commons community center. =0= Jubilee Commons finished units. =0=
On Thursdays I have some times been headed out to the Jubilee Commons work site for Habitat for Humanity, show above. The first floor of the building on the left (behind the porta potty) is going to be a common area for the community. Whatever they want it to be. Right now it is where the volunteers meet and get organized, have their lunch, etc.. There are a few finished units there, also shown above. This is Eric. He is the Americorp person assigned to this site. He replaced Malia when she moved on. He works with the volunteers and such. For the next five units, the framing is all done and we are doing the drywalling, which they often do under contract. The mudding will be done under contract in any case. Below are pictures of them delivering more dry wall for the second floor. They often use 12 by 8 sheets which you would be hard pressed to get up the stairs. Eric. =0=
Jubilee Commons delivering drywall. =0= Jubilee Commons delivering drywall. =0=
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