Lama La in Seattle, 2008

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Lama Dudjom Dorjee. =0= Michael and Songlin. =0=
Lama La (Lama Dudjom Dorjee), who leads the Blue Bunny Retreats in Texas, visited Seattle in early August while my brother was also visiting, so I visited Robert's with them. Above are Lamala and my brother and a new friend he made in Seattle, Songlin. Lamala gave a teaching in Robert's living room and then we had dinner. Lamala changed into street clothes for dinner as shown here with Donna. Donna and Lamala. =0=
Michael. =0= Lori and Lamala. =0=
Above is Michael opening the wine for dinner and Lori and Lamala helping with dinner preparations. Here are Robert and Songlin. Lamala has relatives in the Seattle area which makes it an attractive area for him to visit. His brother-in-law, Tashi, Tacho's brother, owns and runs the convenience store shown below. Robert and Songlin. =0=
Ballard, WA. =0= Tashi. =0=
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