S.U.U.S.I. at Radford, VA, 2008

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Dixie Cavern. =0= Dixie Cavern. =0=
On the way to Radford, VA we passed Dixie Cavern which had been listed as a SUUSI activity (but it was all full by the time I signed up). We stopped by on the way there. Above is the entrance with Eric on the far right. Next to that is the largest room in the cavern, I think it was called the cathedral room. Dixie Cavern. =0=
Dixie Cavern. =0= Dixie Cavern. =0=
My camera had a hard time with the light in the carvern so these pictures were corrected digitally after the fact. This picture is a small pool (about six feet in diameter). Dixie Cavern. =0=
Registration, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0= Dalton Hall, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0=
In 2008, S.U.U.S.I or the Southeastern U.S. Unitarian Summer Institute was held at the facilities of Radford University, a state university in Virginia. Registration was held in their Student Union (above) on Sunday afternoon and was very smoothly managed with about 1,400 in attendance. Also above is the front of Dalton Hall. The dining hall which we used was on the second floor with the adult section to the right and a kid section to the left. The food was very good (not at all institutional) with a great selection which made the buffet style difficult. I tried to show good restraint and not overeat too badly and didn't gain too much weight. Dalton Dining Hall, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0=
Dalton Dining Hall, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0= Main Quad, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0=
There were full sets of workshops (numerous for every slot) and nature activities (hikes, bikes, canoeing, etc.) though the nature activities were mostly all full by the time I registered (a couple of months in advance). I did get in an early morning canoe trip with a nice partner, Ronnie, a psychologist from Raleigh (no picture though). Above is a picture of the registration area and meeting place for nature trips. The campus was laid out around a main quad with a fountian (shown above) and the staff got around on variations of the traditional gold carts. Here is the dorm Eric and I stayed in. It was air conditioned as most of the dorms are now. It was pretty hot the first few days and we appreciated the air conditioning. Next to that is one of the nicer halls facing on the main quad. Norwood Hall, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0=
McConnel Hall, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0= Nature Trips, SUUSI, Radford University, VA =0=
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