Trip to D.C., 2008

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Atlanta Airport Subway. =0= Atlanta Airport Subway. =0=
Toward the end of July, 2008, Eric and I went to Radford, VA for S.U.U.S.I or the Southeastern U.S. Unitarian Summer Institute. I had never been, but when Eric had been working in Lexington, KN (first for I.B.M. and then for Lexmark when it was spun off) he had gone on the recommendation of a friend and really enjoyed it. He went very regularly until he moved to Oregon and it became a big deal and he never really made it. However, he continued to long for it and convinced me to go with him. We flew out together and changed planes in Atlanta. We needed to take their subway from one terminal to another, shown here and above. As we made our reservations separately (Eric was visiting elsewhere after the end) we had separate seats. I was at the very back, just in front the engine. In the past those engines were really noisy, but they have done a lot about noise reduction. Atlanta Airport Subway. =0=
Delta Flight. =0= Delta Flight. =0=
Downtown Baltimore. =0= Downtown Baltimore. =0=
We flew out on a late night flight to B.W.I. and arrived Saturday morning. In the afternoon we drove around downtown Baltimore and I took some pictures of the harbor district, once run down, but now quite upscale. It was quite hot in DC then so took it pretty easy. We flew to a Washington DC airport as Eric's brother, Mark, had recently moved there from Ohio and we stayed with them Saturday night and visited. Mark's House, Rockville, MD. =0=
Mark. =0= Ruth. =0=
We had a liesurely breakfast with them Sunday morning. Above are pictures of Mark and his wife, Ruth. Here is a picture of their son, Jack. Jack. =0=
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