Life in Portland, 2007

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Michael. =0= Robert. =0=
My brother, Michael (above), was visiting in the Seattle area toward the end of 2007 with his friend and business partner, Robert (also above), who used to live in Dallas, but has relocated to Seattle. I was able to visit as well early in 2008 along with other guests (they have a pretty large house and often have many guests it seems). Here is Devata, who was also visiting, sitting in the dining room. Below is another picture of Robert in the kirchen and a picture of Maureen in the dining room. Maureen visits on Saturdays and does book keeping for Robert (and has meals with the others). Devata. =0=
Robert. =0= Maureen. =0=
Maureen, Lauri, and Robert. =0= Noah and Devata. =0=
At the lunch / dinner, above are Maureen, Lauri, and Robert. Lauri is also relocating from the Dallas area. I had met Lauri on the Blue Bunny retreat early in 2007. earlier in the year. Across from them was Noah and Devata. Noah was Devata son's. At the end of the table was Donna (opposite me and Michael) shown here. She and Robert are engaged. Donna. =0=
Maureen. =0= Robert. =0=
Above is Maureen at her work area and Robert in his work area. Robert is developing a system to record E.E.G.s (electric encephalographs) and help people use bio-feedback to train themselves with desired brian waves. Here is Noah sitting by the recording equipment. Just behind the house is a deck with a hot tub (below). Also below is a picture of the front of the house (there are a lot of trees all around making it hard to get a good view) in Bellevue, WA. Noah. =0=
Hot tub. =0= Front View, Bellevue, WA. =0=
Robert keeps an office which he shares with a Homeopath. It is in a nearby town Kirkland. Below is Robert office area. Kirkland, WA. =0=
Robert's office. =0= Lake Washington view. =0=
Just accross the street from Robert's office is a park (shown here) with a nice view of Lake Washington (shown above). Park, Kirkland, WA. =0=
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