Trip to Italy, 2007

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Scandinavian Airbus 300. =0= Scandinavian Airbus 300. =0=
After lunch we headed back to Jay's room and Jay and I packed while Nikki hung out and visited. It was the first time she had seen Jay's room. I left my jacket by mistake, but it was warm enough that I never missed it except on the flight where the AC was pretty chilly. We left Albany around 5PM, but I got lost on the way to Newark Airport and we did an extended scenic tour of Newark, NJ (the city). However, we made our flight without any problems. We took an SAS Airbus 300 (I think the larger one, not the huge one) to Copenhagen. It left at 11PM and arrived at about 9AM. With the time change it was a short night with little sleep. I took these pictures of our plane in Copenhagen as it was dark in Newark when we left. The Copenhagen airport had a much nicer atmosphere. With the lower ceilings, wood floor sound absorbing ceiling tiles, and less bright lights it had a much more comfortable feel (also the air didn't blow quite as much). When we left the wing of the airport from our first flight there was a quick passport check where they stamped us into Denmark and that was it for our getting them stamped. We had a few hours to wait in Copenhagen (changed money and shopped a little) and then checked in for our flight to Rome (below). Copenhagen Aitport. =0=
Copenhagen Aitport. =0= SAS Flight. =0=
Hotel Fleming. =0= Hotel Fleming. =0=
When we got to Rome there was a woman with Cosmos sign who met us. She asked us to meet her after we checked our bags, but that took ages. Then there about eight of us for different Cosmos tours that all took a van to three different airports. We stayed at the Hotel Fleming shown above on the left along with our bus. Jay and Nikki shared a room while I had a room by myself. I got the shared room rate as I had offered to share a room, but they weren't able to match me up with anyone. Each room had its own balcony and above is the view from my balcony to the left. On the corner below is the little cafe we went to for several dinners. They had reasonable prices and were open most hours. They also had a great lasagna. Shown here is the view from my balcony slightly to the right. Opposite the hotel was a square which had a market, but it was never really open while we were there. Nikki and Jay's room overlooked the other side of the hotel which was a residential section (shown below at sunset). Also below is a picture that Nikki and Jay took, in the mirror in their room. Cool! Hotel Fleming. =0=
Hotel Fleming. =0= Jay and Nikki. =0=
Sabina. =0= Tour headsets. =0=
When we got to our hotel there was a note that Sabina had left for us. We had breakfast in the basement of the hotel and then met for a tour of Rome. Above on the left is Sabina our tour guide as she was getting us orgranized. Another person also came through giving us each headsets for our tour so that we hear what the Rome tour guide said. Here is a not so good picture of Juri (pronounced like Yuri) our bus driver. Below are pictures of the Roman Forum. Juri. =0=
Roman Forum. =0= Roman Forum. =0=
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