Trip to Albany, NY, 2007

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Portland Oregon Airport. =0= Newark Airport Air-Train. =0=
On July 7 I was off to Albany, NY to visit with my sons David and Jay and then go from there to Italy with Jay and his friend Nikki. She took lots of pictures on her own. Rather than try to arrange connections into and out of Albany, I flew into and out of Newark Airport in NJ, just outside of NYC. When I lived in NY, I often flew into and out of Newark Airport, but they have added the Air-Train, a pretty standard automated train between the terminals, but along with the parking areas it also goes to the train terminals for NYC. Cool. While the trains were automated, they had a person at each stop to direct people. They were quite friendly and helpful. The rental car areas were located by the parking areas. I rented a car for a week with Hertz (via That was a little scary as you don't know who you will be renting from until you have committed yourself, but it worked out. I arrived about 9PM and then drove up to Albany to visit with Jay, arriving about 2AM (or 11PM my time). Newark Airport Air-Train. =0=
Newark Airport Air-Train. =0= Hertz Rental Car, Newark Airport. =0=
Jay's home, ALbany, NY. =0= Jay's home, ALbany, NY. =0=
Jay had to move out of the comfortable dorm he was in before as they were very popular and only regular full time students could stay there. He only had two courses to take this summer before graduating and so rented a room in the house shown above. It was probably good as he needed to find a place to stay in any case. He is staying with several very nice people, quite quirky and very cool. They also have a jukebox, functional and fully stocked from about 1968. The rooms and commons areas are all furnished with interesting old pieces. Here is a picture of the pool in the backyard of Jay's home. It is mostly used by the daughter of the home owner, but is available to all the residents. Below is the condomenium that David recently bought. Oddly enough, they both live on Pine Lane / Avenue even though they are several miles apart and completely different streets. Sunday morning we all went out for lunch. David, Nina, David's girlfriend (she also lives at David's condo), and Jay, also shown below. Jay's Backyard. =0=
David's Condo. =0= David, Nina, and Jay. =0=
On Monday we visited my former wife, Barbara, at her nice little house in Copake, NY, shown here. The gold car is my rental car. In front of that is Duane's truck. Below is the back view of her house. The street she is on is a pretty regular street with houses, but she is on the corner and it is in a definitely farming community. Also below is the field that you can see from her sunroom on the back. While I was there I borrowed a couple of picture albums and was able to scan in the pictures from when we visited Korea in 1978. There are two series about the orphanage and foster babies. Barb's House. =0=
Barb's House. =0= Copake, NY. =0=
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