Brian Carr's Home in Jefferson Valley, NY


While packing for my trip, I was going through some old pictures and packing them away decided to scan a few of the better pictures into the computer and post them on my web page as I don't expect to have access to the pictures themselves for the next couple of years. There are my high school and college pictures, early family pictures and more recent pictures.

On Apr 20, 2001, I took a trip up to Troy, NY to visit David at R.P.I.. As David is now business manager of the R.P.I. drama group, the R.P.I. Players, he needed to take a trip up to R.P.I. again on June 1, 2001 to handle some paperwork.

My apartment in Jefferson Valley, NY is real pretty in the Spring. I also visit Greenhaven Prison to help run a yoga meditiation program for the inmates. This summer I am working at Verizon with my son David. My mom visited, arriving on June 7, 2001. On June 18, 2001 mom took us all out to eat at The Reef, a local restaurant.. On June 24, 2001, we visited the ashram in S. Fallsburg, NY, Shree Muktananda Ashram where I often help out at the Children's House, Somagiri. On June 26, 2001, my mom and I went to a mailing label party for the local Mensa group's newsletter, MPhasis.

I have been to various Mensa functions. On Apr 21, 2001 there was a Mensa dinner at a Westchester Japanese restaurant, Ichi Riki. On May 5, 2001, I went to a Mensa pot luck dinner at Susan's. Then on May 6, 2001 there was the Mensa Strategy Game Group. On May 22, 2001 the Bronx Dining Group met at the Riverdale Diner. Then on Jun 2, 2001, the Mensa Strategy Game Group headed out to New Jersey to see Ryan's new apartment. On Jun 16, 2001 the Bronx Dining Group met again at the Riverdale Diner.

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