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Troy Habitat for Humanity Build. =0= Troy Habitat for Humanity Build. =0=
We had lunch, pizza from I Love Pizza of Troy which I picked up as they don't deliver. They are reported as the best pizza in the area and I can see why. It was awesome. As we got into the afternoon we slowed down and took breaks (20,000 pounds is a lot of sod even for a large group). There was sweat and muck on my phone's camera lense for my final picture (above) but others took pictures which came out fine (and my lense cleaned up fine). In May I completed the Tour De Cure bicycling event in Saratoga Springs, NY. It is a fund raising event for the American Diabetes Foundation. I completed the 50 mile tour, same as last year, but was in better shape and was comfortable with the length. Last year I had started out for the 100 KM ride, but switched to the 50 mile route as I was too exhausted. I could have done the longer route but it wouldn't have been fun. In 2015 I planned on the 50 mile ride and enjoyed the whole ride. Troy Habitat for Humanity Build. =0=
Tour De Cure, Saratoga Springs, NY. =0= Cat and Thomas Mountain, NY. =0=
Cat and Thomas Mountain, NY. =0= Cat and Thomas Mountain, NY. =0=
In June I did the Thomas and Cat Mountains hike again, this time with a full group of 12 or so. I was feeling bold and tried shuffling the cars, some by a pond / reservoir closer to Cat mountain to skip the more boring return to the parking lot (close to Thomas). However, we had a diverse group with some people who had great difficulty with the route (Cat and Thomas together is probably eight miles and harder than most medium hikes). We split up and while everyone got home OK, I was way stressed. It prevented me from leading other hikes because of that difficult experience. In July I helped out at SUUSI again. Below is Laura and six and severn year olds that I worked with. Cat and Thomas Mountain, NY. =0=
SUUSI, Blacksburg, VA. =0= SUUSI, Blacksburg, VA. =0=
SUUSI, Blacksburg, VA. =0= SUUSI, Blacksburg, VA. =0=
This year they had to switch from Radford to Viriginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA with only a few months notice and attendance was somewhat lower. They had less Youth Staff and so I was not an age group leader, but instead helped out in the morning and led some afternoon groups. Laura is a DRE (Director of Sunday School) in her local church and was awesome. Above they are playing in a parachute style item. Here is a short video of that (as well as above). In the afternoons I led field trips and such. One was a field trip to Dixie Caverns. SUUSI, Blacksburg, VA. =0=
Dixie Caverns, VA. =0= Dixie Caverns, VA. =0=
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