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Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0= Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0=
The next day we left for the airport at 3:53AM for a 6:30AM flight to Aurangabad. This terminal was at the same airport as international flights but a different terminal, also very modern and nice. I was particularly impressed by the comfortable lounger style chairs outside the gate itself. The gangway was pretty cool to. Below is Lamala finding his seat. Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0=
Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0= Lamala. =0=
Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0= Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0=
On the flight the pilot mentioned that the temperature in Aurangabad was 32. Yikes! I couldn't believe that. When we arrived it was more like 22C, but the high temperature for the day really was 32C. That is hot, but it gets hotter. Last spring they had temperatures as high as 48C (118F) in a nearby town. It cools off in June with the monsoons. We deboarded with portable gangways which was a little surprising as the had the more common gangways further down. Inside the terminal there was some Buddhist artwork and we got pictures of Lamala with two monks who were on the flight with us. Trip to Aurangabad, India. =0=
Lamala and two monks. =0= Aurangabad Airport Terminal, India. =0=
Tour Bus. =0= Keys Hotel, The Aures, Aurangabad, India. =0=
At Aurangabad we were met by a touring bus which takes around the area. It is a very modern looking bus, but the engine is in the front which is common with most buses in India. There are very few buses in India with the more modern engines in the rear. The one notable exception is the municipal buses in New Delhi proper which are built by Tata (a Indian company) but with rear mounted engines. Anyway, our tour is air conditioned which is the important matter. Above and here is our hotel which is a very nice Western style hotel with breakfast buffet (below) included and free wifi. It let me get all caught up in uploading pictures and videos, updating my software, and, possibly, running my standard backup to the cloud (which I haven't done for weeks). Keys Hotel, The Aures, Aurangabad, India. =0=
. =0= . =0=
Here is the recpetion desk at our hotel. We were settled in about 9AM so I went for a walk to get fruit. I noticed internet cafes were really cheap, about 20 cents an hour. . =0=
Aurangabad, India. =0= Aurangabad, India. =0=
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