Travels, Life In Albany, 2012

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Clay for Buddha impressions. =0= Mold for Buddha impressions (Valerie and Yolanda). =0=
Above are the bags of clay for Buddha impressions as well as one of the several molds for Buddha impressions (along with Valerie and Yolanda). Here is pot for the fire pujas. We went to the roof of their house which is just flat and with a most impressive view. Nawang. =0=
View from Nawang's House. =0= Trip back from Tashi Jong Monastery. =0=
Trip back from Tashi Jong Monastery. =0= Trip back from Tashi Jong Monastery. =0=
Then we were headed back from Tashi Jong Monastery. We weren't able to see the oracle in Dharamsala, so most people (who had been there before) headed to Bir. However, Elena, Ozzie, and I had never been to Dharamsala so we went there instead. We started out on the narrow and winding roads which lead from Sherab Ling Monastery. Trip to Dharamsala. =0=
Roads from Sherab Ling Monastery. =0= Roads from Sherab Ling Monastery. =0=
However, our trip to Dharamsala was soon delayed as there was a truck stuck on a turn. When we arrived they were trying to lighten the load on the truck as shown in this video. The problem was that the right wheel of the truck had gone to far off the road and any time they tried to go forward the back left wheel started spinning, not enough traction. I was so frustrated because what they needed to do was turn the steering wheels so that as they backed up they would go onto the road and then back up (very easy). That would have moved the back end of the truck away from the rock (which was probably part of the problem), but I couldn't express it. After about half an hour I convinced the driver that they were stuck for a while (they were unloading the back of the truck which would make the problem worse as they needed more traction on the back to be able to lift the weight of the engine up onto the road again) and we went back to the monastery and down a different road. Roads from Sherab Ling Monastery. =0=
Truck Stuck in road. =0= Truck Stuck in road. =0=
Dharamsala. =0= Dharamsala. =0=
Once we got started to Dharamsala, it was just under two hours to get there. We were able to meet with Sam who was previously of the Dallas KTC, but has lived in Dharamsala for over three years now (he is retired). He was a wonderful host and showed us around including a Tibetan medicine shop and a most excellent Buddhist book store (below). Dharamsala. =0=
Dharamsala. =0= Dharamsala. =0=
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